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Just Press PLAY>

Posted in Erotica on February 29, 2008 by naughtysecretary

The icon bounces upon her desktop, indicating she has mail.

She’s sitting at her desk, face cupped in her right hand, cheeks burning with fluster, elbows resting on the hard edge. Her expression echoes a resemblance of a dreamy schoolgirl, lost in thoughts of naughtiness, debauchery, of things to come. Secrets hidden amongst hormones. Newness. Her panties already damp with His words, thoughts already drenched in desire, possibilities.

She downloads His attachment, and presses play, her heart beating, threatening to defy her and jump right out of her chest. The anticipation is dreadful and delicious in the same token. Breath caught in her throat the moment she hears His voice.

Oh God.

Pins and needles of desire spear at every part of her, beckoning her forth, coupled with the complexity of reality. Does He want me badly enough? Is this how we’ll play the game? Am I joining an army of minions? I bet He has handfuls of others, tucked away around the globe … She reminds herself of the personal gift before her, tailored for her, and hushes her thoughts back to the message, her script of lust, of His.

The accent. The description of His desire. The way He pronounces His vowels ~ all of it. It takes her with full force, pulls her under, leaving her gasping and in want of more. A lone heart beating, drumming in accumulated aphrodisia. Palms sweaty, her body tingles at the thought of Him merely touching her with the lightest of gestures. Every part of her is alive, heat emanating from her core.

But how much more? What can He give that’s not already there?

She silences those thoughts from her mind, and delves into the thick abyss that is known just as Him. Immersed in delight, swimming in sensual Zen.

Just press PLAY.

With eagerness, she listens again to the voice message that He’s left, fit for her ears only. He describes in detail of how He wants her, to take her – to fuck her with abandon. Dirty, lustful thoughts coat her mind and seep into her body, liquid amber marching into every part of her being. Unbuttoning pants, hand in her hair, pulling … tugging at auburn locks that shimmer in dim light ~ He’s started to paint a picture rich in possibility, and now it’s her turn to provide the palette, the colour, the body of their delight. To highlight His need and hers, to meld the two into one.

She thinks about His fingers running the length of her milky thighs, finally reaching her damp, panty sodden mound. A gasp escapes her scarlet mouth when she entertains thoughts of Him pulling her undergarments aside, sampling what is hers, to be offered for His pleasure. Both His fingers and mouth plunder her with focus, constructing her with peaked strokes ~ A furtive mission. She watches below as His tongue bathes her in ecstatic joy, moans escaping her in betrayal, giving Him ammunition to continue in his quest to hear her submit to Him. In heady surrender, she hears the metallic zip of pants falling to the floor, and hides her satisfaction amidst their clothes lain in a bare heap beneath them.

Just press PLAY.

Stripped of material armour, she has nothing to give, but her body as expiation ~ A confirmation of their duel lust. With a hoarse whisper, she begs Him to enter, pleads, to thrust into her fully, to give all ~ for His want and need to break the space and boundary between them. He casually grazes at her hardened nipples, asking her again what she wants, licking and pinching her, tweaking her to His likeness. The bastard. Begging won’t nearly appease an appetite of such voracity.

Just press PLAY.

In a moment of desperation, she throws herself on top of Him, showering kisses on His face and torso, biting and licking at His neck, delighting in salty pleasure. Leaning back, she takes Him to the hilt, throbbing cock filling her, pulsing within her, gasps hissing from her mouth, matching the rocking of her pelvis. Her hands wandering over her breasts, squeezing at her nipples, the sound of her lust only inflaming their desire, their union, their space, their fuck. Her cunt spasms over His cock, forcing Him to plummet over the edge and fall into His own orgasm, waves of bliss shuddering through His body, rendering Him weak in silence.

In the dark, she reaches for the keyboard…

Just press PLAY.

The Hunted

Posted in Erotica, Fleshbotted with tags , on February 22, 2008 by naughtysecretary

The moment my hand viciously connects with his cheek, I know to run. Every part of me is saturated with adrenalin. Four nimble arcs and I reach the kitchen, foolishly backing myself against a wall. Fuck. Within a split second, he’s on me. The warmth of his body pinning mine to the cold surface behind. He’s holding me in place with his hand on my throat.

“Why did you just hit me?” He’s hissing in my ear now. He pulls away and I see the desire flickering in his eyes, his grasp tightening a little. His face is mere inches from mine. I lick my lips in panic.

“You deserved it.” Even now, powerless, my arrogance won’t flee. I wear a pout and defiantly match his piercing stare, the lioness in me breaking the surface.

“You’re in trouble now.” A wave surges through my body, causing me to shiver in delight. I spy wickedness playing on his lips as he’s noticed my reaction. This only encourages the predator in him, he has me exactly where he wants me.

He releases his grip, pivots, and silently walks out of the kitchen. For a moment, everything is still. Wait. This isn’t suppose to happen … My mouth opens a little with disbelief. I come away from the wall and follow his steps, I call out to him. “Wait….wait!

Doubt quickly seeping in, I entertain the idea that I may have crossed the line with the slap. Immersed in confusion, I’ve failed to notice he’s stopped walking away, and is still, facing me. I look up and yelp in unexpected alarm. Arms folded across his chest, a cunning grin on his face. Something clicks within me ~ I’ve been outplayed, and this only infuriates me further. What a bastard. He’s coaxed me out of the corner, and did so with meticulous ease. In one swoop he’s grabbed me, hoisting me over his shoulder. Even with my small fists drumming on his back, his pace does not slow, my protests evaporating into thin air as he carries me upstairs.

Reaching the bed, he skillfully throws me down. I bounce, scrambling onto my front. One hand grabs my ankle and pulls me towards him, his other reaching around my waist, stealthily popping the buttons on my jeans. He releases, and with a sweeping move, rips my pants from my body. I hear him grunt in approval when he notices the panties that sheath my arse. Ivory lace, a perfect contrast to the dark desires that swirl within him. I am about to be reprimanded for the hand print that is burning red hot on the left side of his face.

I attempt to escape a second time, and this only encourages him further. I lunge forward, and as I do, his fingers catch the delicate material of my panties, slipping them to my knees. Grabbing a handful of my hair at the nape of my neck, he steadies me, and plants a stinging swat on my right arse cheek. I wince in pain, a guttural cry escaping my mouth.

“How many times do I have to punish you for behaving badly?” The force of the second swat sends vibrations through my body, stronger than the first. I cry out again, and start to whimper apologies.

“Are you going to behave?” He’s bellowing at me, his voice commanding respect.

“Yes, yes….I promise.” I am barely above a whisper, the heat of his hand throbbing angrily on my backside.

“Really?” His inquiry is dripping with doubt. I know it’s not really a question at this moment, only a point of leverage. He grabs my wrists, and out of nowhere slips a mystery restraint over both. His swift moves have me thinking that he has gone to great lengths in planning all of this. The hunt, the chase, the catch … I’m pinned on my front, my hands clasped and bound above my head. I’m left open and vulnerable, his eyes feasting upon my exposed body. To up the anti, he slips a blindfold over my eyes and my world is suddenly cloaked in darkness. My sight taken, my available senses go into overdrive. I am burning up, alive, and on prickly heat.

He stands to survey the offering, my body before him. I feel like I am about to be devoured at any given moment. He’s making me wait, the seconds slip by like years. I ache for a response, any response, but I refuse to give in completely. There’s some fight in me yet. It seems an age passes, and in my minds eye I can see him assessing his next point of attack, relishing the view.

Suddenly I feel his tongue on my legs, sliding quickly over the curve of my calves, the back of my knees, up my thigh and onto my rump. I quiver involuntarily, a sigh escaping my mouth when he plunges it straight into my cunt.

“You fucking whore,” he spits out in rage. I’ve started to moan and sigh, my breath quickening with each flicker. He’s mercilessly sucking and biting at me, the animal within wanting to control and possess all of me. I am his now, built up to serve just one purpose: To be used as he sees fit. The thought sends an explosion of excitement through my body, and I start to rock along with his shafting tongue. His rhythm is picking up, and any restraint I had evaporates as quickly as it was summoned. I wriggle and writhe, on the brink of orgasm, when everything stops. I am immediately whipped back to reality. He knows I’m close and about to surrender. I feel his hands roughly kneading my arse cheeks as he speaks.

“Well, well, well….what do we have here?” He slides 2 fingers into me, and I gasp. Not completely satisfied, he inserts a third. I cry out.

“I think you are a greedy girl,” he declares. I hear him moan, and I surmise he’s slowly licking my arousal off each of his fingers. “You’re very wet. Is that because you are a fucking slut?” I hear him unzip his pants and a jolt surges through my body once again.

“Give me your cock. I want it….I want it in…”

The third slap is far more potent than the first and second combined. The sound of his hand connecting with my arse cheek crackles through the air like a whip. The unexpected force pushes me forward and I wail.

“Where are your manners? I want you to beg…you filthy whore.” He’s rubbing his cockhead against my cunt, his hands grabbing my hips. I’ve started to whimper, and I can tell he’s having trouble holding himself from thrusting forward, from pushing himself deep into me.

I start to beg and plead, and my hushed chanting is immediately met with his cock entering me. Every inch of his hardness slides into my warm cunt, filling all of me with overwhelming force. His length takes my breath away, and gasping, I thrust myself at him, and start to rock back and forth on his engorged prick. Babbling obscenities, my sentences turn into incoherent sounds, knuckles turning white as I grip at the sheets.

He reaches around, thick fingers seeking out my clit, his tongue bathing a path on my shoulders with fervor. I jump each time he nips at my skin, and when I do, he echoes me with a thrust further still. He unties my hands, and I immediately prop myself up. Sensing my new found freedom, I flick my head back and grind my pelvis towards him. He catches part of my copper mane and entwines his hands in it, pulling me backwards towards him while thrusting forward. Our bodies slap together hard, moans drumming a beat of gathered passion. I start to buck and climax, my hot wetness clenching down over his cock. My panting sends him over the edge, his grip tightening around my silky locks. With a growl, he shudders over me repeatedly, his hand grabbing at my flesh and beating on the bed.

Moments pass in silence, his hand smoothing over my hair, onto my freckled shoulders, down over my waist. Even in the dark of the room, I can see his eyes burning bright. The moon spilling iridescent lacquer over the sheets. I tenderly kiss his lips and close my eyes, my damp forehead pressed against his.

Morning Confession

Posted in Erotica on February 11, 2008 by naughtysecretary

The sun boldly streams into my kitchen through the window, light bouncing off the metal appliances and catching the silver flecks embedded within the black granite counter tops.

I think about running my hand tenderly over your face, and wonder if I would notice the hints of grey starting to show in your hair. My hands swiftly unbuttoning your shirt as I smile into your eyes.

I lift my coffee halfway to my mouth, pause and close my eyes. I let the aroma of the crushed beans curl its way into my nostrils.

I kiss my way slowly from your left shoulder to the nape of your neck. I pause to inhale your scent deep into my core. My tongue starts to dance its way towards your ear lobe, flickering over your skin, making you hard instantly.

The hot steam of my shower clings to my body like a second skin, the lather of soap giving way to fast hands working themselves over my curves.

I can almost feel the heat of your breath, your desire, dancing on my naked skin. The perspiration on my flesh, of our want, coating the two of us. You finally surrender into me, bodies falling hard into a slippery rhythm.

I button my blouse and smooth my hands over my copper locks, down to my waist and onto my crisp skirt that stops mid thigh.

With you kneeling, your hands lightly trace the back of my ivory calves to my thighs, light finger-tipped kisses rippling over my skin. You lift my skirt to reveal a lacy black thong, and press your mouth to my damp heat through the soft fabric.

Music pumps through my car stereo escorting me to work. A layering of sounds and notes gathers and grows, pulsing to a quickening peak, and descends into silence.

Hands grab my wrists and hold them in place, your pace fastening to a beat of no return. Your mouth hungrily takes mine as we cry out in our self-made euphoria. Our bodies shudder, pleasure rippling through every part of me with an electrical surge. Bliss silences us.

I arrive at work, and with a heavy sigh, I tuck away my desires and sinful thoughts for the ride home.