Morning Confession

The sun boldly streams into my kitchen through the window, light bouncing off the metal appliances and catching the silver flecks embedded within the black granite counter tops.

I think about running my hand tenderly over your face, and wonder if I would notice the hints of grey starting to show in your hair. My hands swiftly unbuttoning your shirt as I smile into your eyes.

I lift my coffee halfway to my mouth, pause and close my eyes. I let the aroma of the crushed beans curl its way into my nostrils.

I kiss my way slowly from your left shoulder to the nape of your neck. I pause to inhale your scent deep into my core. My tongue starts to dance its way towards your ear lobe, flickering over your skin, making you hard instantly.

The hot steam of my shower clings to my body like a second skin, the lather of soap giving way to fast hands working themselves over my curves.

I can almost feel the heat of your breath, your desire, dancing on my naked skin. The perspiration on my flesh, of our want, coating the two of us. You finally surrender into me, bodies falling hard into a slippery rhythm.

I button my blouse and smooth my hands over my copper locks, down to my waist and onto my crisp skirt that stops mid thigh.

With you kneeling, your hands lightly trace the back of my ivory calves to my thighs, light finger-tipped kisses rippling over my skin. You lift my skirt to reveal a lacy black thong, and press your mouth to my damp heat through the soft fabric.

Music pumps through my car stereo escorting me to work. A layering of sounds and notes gathers and grows, pulsing to a quickening peak, and descends into silence.

Hands grab my wrists and hold them in place, your pace fastening to a beat of no return. Your mouth hungrily takes mine as we cry out in our self-made euphoria. Our bodies shudder, pleasure rippling through every part of me with an electrical surge. Bliss silences us.

I arrive at work, and with a heavy sigh, I tuck away my desires and sinful thoughts for the ride home.

4 Responses to “Morning Confession”

  1. about a rendez “voir”….cafe au lait in a quiet cafe off a main street after work…the owners want to close up the cafe once we’ve gone…you have other ideas about when to leave…dare you to shock them with your *whispered* suggestions and our altogether outrageous actions…

  2. A very nice post – reminds me of my boring mornings in the office 😉

  3. Naughty Secretary Says:

    Boring mornings are made manageable with a wicked mind I would suspect Miss Minx…

  4. Have you ever considered sharing your motivational techniques with your colleagues?


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