Music for Monday, Stroker Ace by Lovage.

Music follows me wherever I go. In the car, while cooking, in my head, while I am trying to sleep; I’m always listening to the stuff. It’s a passion of mine, and it slips me to another place quite easily. I would also consider my musical taste fairly broad; from soft and sensual to hard and abrasive. (Kind of like my personality, if I’m tweaked the wrong way.)

That being said, I plan to add a new song/video every Monday.

Are you excited? You should be.

So, the choice today rests on the sensual side. Let me introduce Lovage.

You can also read up on Miss Jennifer Charles here:

She’s quite the minx. I’ve had many a naughty thought watching her serenade and slink about. I think it’s pretty obvious why Lovage make my pick this week.


2 Responses to “Music for Monday, Stroker Ace by Lovage.”

  1. I’m more excited by the thought of soft & sensual becoming hard. 😉

  2. Naughty Secretary Says:

    Where’s my surprised face, Mendicatus? 😉

    ~ NS

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