Music for Monday, Downtown by Peaches.

“Why do we call our mothers motherfuckers? Why do we stub our toe and say, “Aww motherfucker!”? What is a motherfucker? … We use it in our everyday language, and it’s such an insanely intense word. I’m not one to shy away from these obscene terms that we actually have in our mainstream. Motherfucker is a very mainstream word. But if we’re going to use motherfucker, why don’t we use fatherfucker? I’m just trying to be even.”
~ Peaches

With a statement like that, how could you not love Peaches? She started her career as a music teacher who then decided to follow her own musical path, writing her own lyrics, playing her own instruments, and producing albums herself. She is a kick-ass woman who has proven herself a force to be reckoned with in the music community.

Downtown is a favorite of mine because of the cheeky lyrics and electronic beat. It’s much softer than the other tunes on Impeach My Bush. Yes, that’s what the album is called, and it is most certainly a political statement. “I’d rather fuck who I want than kill who I am told to!” I love her balls-to-the-wall approach to her music, and I love that she explores transgender issues and her sexuality with force and without apology.


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2 Responses to “Music for Monday, Downtown by Peaches.”

  1. She seems to be a very interesting person. I liked the music. I need to read more about her.

  2. madame kansas Says:

    my dear – you have great taste in music.

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