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His magnificent cock is a good reason to consider myself one of the luckiest of my sex. Well, that and it is attached to one of the dirtiest men I’m sure I will ever know. I smile broadly as I watch his hand glide over the length of his shaft. My body still pulsing with pleasure from my first climax, the sight before me only intensifies my ache, my need for more. He holds my black panties in his other hand and runs the soft fabric over his balls slowly.

“Touch yourself.”

My hands obediently move; my left fingers sliding into my mouth and over my breast, my damp digits pinching lightly at my nipple. My right travels over my belly and into the wetness between my legs. I watch him run the cotton over his hard cock repeatedly, his thickness twitching with each stroke. Lust shines brightly in his eyes as he watches my movements of self indulgence. I moan as my fingers slip past my clitoris.

“Taste your pussy.”

I bring my fingers to my lips and suck on them. I love the taste of cunt, even my own. I can’t help but groan with satisfaction. He grabs me roughly and kisses me, his tongue pushing into my mouth. He is always greedy with me, but my latest absence has made him hungry, insatiable.

“I think I’m going to taste you for myself.”

He quickly slips under the black of the comforter and I immediately feel his tongue plunge into me, a sigh escaping my mouth as I meet his lips and arch my back. He pushes two fingers into me and flickers his tongue over my clitoris. He sucks, bites and licks me with fury, and it’s not long before waves of pleasure ripple through my body as I am sent crashing into a second orgasm. I am dizzy and on heat when he reemerges and kisses me fully on the mouth, covering my lips with my own sweet juices.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he whispers in my ear as his hand tightens around my hair at the base of my neck. He kneels at my side and pushes his cock past my lips and to the back of my throat, my tongue caressing the underside of his shaft as he fucks my mouth slowly. He pushes my head into the pillow and I suck on him eagerly, my tongue lapping at his smoothness until he surrenders and is pumping my mouth full of come. His gasps finally subside and he releases my hair, slumping on the bed beside me. Facing him, I start to smile like an imp. His hands run over the curves of my body, the taste of his come still lingers in my mouth.

“Happy, are we?” He smiles that wicked smile at me.

“Maybe…” I kiss him softly and deeply, our arousal dancing on each others’ tongues.

“Maybe?” He looks at me intently with the pause. “I forgot to mention I’m going to slide my cock deep inside your arse now, didn’t I?”

For a second I’m stunned, and I’m not sure if it’s the fact that he needs no recovery time at all after our lovemaking, or that it would seem that we’ve barely scratched the surface. Either way, I shouldn’t be surprised; his appetite for me has only grown in time. I look down and see that he is stroking his already-hard cock again.

I told you: Insatiable.

He rolls me onto my stomach and reaches for the bedside table. He grabs my hands and places them at the base of my back, binding them together. His deft fingers have traveled this path before, he secures me with ease.

“Lift up your arse.”

His tone has immediately changed; it’s deeper, more stern. When I hesitate for the briefest of seconds, I immediately feel the bite of his large hand come down on my behind. I squeal in pain.

“I told you, lift up your arse.” This time his tone echoes a growl, and I know that can only mean one thing.

There’s no hesitance from me now, and a pillow is slipped under my belly. He walks around to my side of the bed slowly, stopping to bend and kiss me tenderly on the forehead.

“Good girl.”

He grins as he shoves my discarded panties into my mouth, looking directly into my green eyes with mischief. The bastard. I hear him laugh behind me and then his tongue is on me, traversing the backs of my thighs and arriving at my rump. With no warning his hand connects with my sweet spot a second, third, and fourth time, the rhythm of his slaps lulling me slowly from this world and into the warmth of my subspace. I let go and feel the last drop of tension leave my body.

Familiarity. Safety. Warmth.

It’s good to be home.