Pay It Forward…

Back in the day, I had an incredibly sexy friend encourage me to start my own blog. Six months later, here we are. I’ve found the whole blogging experience to be a rewarding and challenging treat. I love communicating with fellow sexbloggers, revel in the fact that I have a platform for my exhibitionism, and honestly, who doesn’t like their inbox being flooded with a plethora of dirty photos regularly?

No complaints here. In fact, keep the naughty photos coming please…

That being said, I feel it’s my duty to introduce you to a saucy minx I am lucky enough to call one of my closest friends. Go take a peek at her blog; she’s a curvy babe with a wicked mind and a body built for sin.

It is with great pleasure I present to you the lovely Ms. Brunette. Make sure to tell her the Secretary sent you.

~ NS

6 Responses to “Pay It Forward…”

  1. msbrunette Says:

    I thank you NS, you truly are a great friend and mentor. I hope I can reach your level of naughtiness one day.

  2. Oh, she’s going to regret this.


  3. Consider it done… and she appears to be as naughty as you! 😉

  4. Love the blog. I think we might have some common interests. Stop by and check it out and let me know.

  5. Been there, did as you said! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  6. Sexy encouraging friends seem to be the way that we all get our start. That and proving that we’re just as good as everyone else that’s writing — and we are. I’ve been MIA but I’m still around and still reading. Always good stuff.

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