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How To Make … Bread!

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“There’s a lot of protein….”

I bet!

~ NS

How To Make


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The wine glass is shaped like a bottom-heavy Señorita; I look at it longingly, my stare fixed through it. I trace my fingers over each curve and dip the tip of my left index into the ruby red liquid. My right hand mimics the tap of the rain on the awning outside, digits strumming steadily on the kitchen table, lightening flashes disbursing into the rhythm mixed.

There’s no way you want me as much as I want you. It’s not possible.

I stare out of the window into blackness. How I wish I could step outside into the wet fall and wash myself clean.

I know my thoughts of you would remain, though. You are embedded, right where you belong.

Thunder growls in the distance.


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Rarely in life someone crosses my path and grabs my attention with full force. I’ve lived enough to know when this does occur, such an alliance is not to be ignored.

When first stumbling across the sex blogosphere, her words and images stood alone. Not only is she gorgeous, she is a mother, a wife, and a true force to be reckoned with; she clearly understands what it is to be a Goddess, worthy of worship by rite alone. But there is so much more to this woman I am now privileged enough to call my friend.

She contacted me recently to embark on several creative tasks and asked me for my assistance. In no way did I hesitate. After all, not only did I respect her as a peer, her personality intrigued me. It still does.

What makes her my Doppelgänger? She is strong and soft, hard and vulnerable. Full of compassion and love, she’s also like a Pitbull – loyally willing to defend a loved one at the drop of a hat, to put her own needs aside to hold up what’s right in this world. She loves whole-heartedly, without abandon, even if reality may tell her to heed for self preservation. She’s strong willed, completely lovable, and a dirty little whore just like me. Simply put, she’s a minxy antipodean.

She’s also stunning to look at, beauty to behold, inside and out. Now that doesn’t hurt, does it?

Did I mention she likes her collar?

So for the first time in my life, I have taken assignment as Secretary. To both she and her dirty, filthy, incredibly sweet and oh-so-wickedly-fuckable husband.

Stay tuned, this should be fun. In fact, I guarantee it.

Great balls of…..I’m sorry, what?!?

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For The Love Of Lochai

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One refreshing and rewarding aspect of delving into the sex blogosphere is stumbling across like-minded souls. That said, if any of you are not familiar with Catalina, you should be. After all, who wants to miss out on a plethora of naughtiness and debauchery to boot? Not to mention a filthy mind hidden in a beautiful body. I actually found Catalina’s blog way back when, even before I had my own marker in cyberspace. I was immediately drawn to many parts of her persona, and so I investigated her blog and work further. I’ll be honest, Catalina’s smarts and diligence never cease to amaze me, and I dare say she was an influence in me starting my own site.

This brings me to the work of Lochai. A friend of Catalina’s, his striking images manage to steal and hold my gaze time and time again. That’s a tough feat for a fellow snapper like me – his photographic eye is something to be revered, his work exuding a heady combination of femininity, power, seduction, and class. I’ve loved his work from first viewing, and the allure of his images has not passed with time.

It seems unfathomable to not promote Lochai’s brilliance and eye for beauty and sensuality. When asked if I would cross-post Catalina’s pledge to help a friend, as an artist, it not only became my honor to promote his work, it became my complete pleasure.

So, to share that pleasure with you, I present Lochai.

~ NS

Become A Patron Of The Arts! Support Lochai!!

It’s no secret that I have a ridiculous crush on Lochai, and maybe a part of it is because I fell in love with his work as an artist. On top of all that I got to actually meet him yesterday and put my hands on his… prints (I know what you thought I was going to say!)

I know a lot of my readers are people who share my opinion about Lochai’s erotic and bondage images and also share my belief in supporting the art and the artists they love. That’s what this post is all about. Your opportunity to own real art while supporting the arts. It’s a win-win situation.

Lochai has a few gallery shows coming up. He talks about them in the interview we did recently here. In response to my question about his upcoming gallery shows, in particular the exhibition at the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami Beach, FL, this is what he had to say:

Wow…. To hang in a Museum is an amazing thing. To hang in this Museum is even a greater compliment in that the owner/curator, Naomi Wilzig, does not normally collect photography & has only just started to. She has thousands of painting, sculptures and other various articles that have moved her over the years and only a few photographs including ones from a good friend of mine, BT Charles. She has had many one person displays exhibited in the galleries in the 3 years WEAM has been open, but she asked me to be the first photographer. I am also a local so this adds to the pride I feel. Art gallery shows are wonderful but to say that you are displayed in a museum, for me that is something I am very proud of. I will also have Beach Bound added to the permanent collection. I was also the first heterosexual male artist to have a special “Guest Gallery” show that lasted a year of 30 of my images in the Leather Archives & Museum in Chicago which just came down in May.

So now here we are, it’s almost time for Lochai’s big show and now it’s time for me to get involved in the only way I know how. I’m holding my own Lochai Pledge Drive to help support Lochai’s upcoming gallery projects. He has never done this before and he may never do this again, it’s truly exclusive (and it will give your grandkids something to bring onto The Antique’s Roadshow!) Think of it is the kinky version of the PBS Pledge Drive – you know, you donate some money and they give you a nice gift to say thank you.

Here’s the rundown – you donate to Lochai’s upcoming shows. Donations are simple and easy – log into PayPal and use Lochai’s email address ( You can even use your credit card. In return, as a thank-you gift, you receive one of Lochai’s signed prints. The print you will receive will be chosen by Lochai and is from his award-winning gallery.

Donate $25 and receive a signed 4×6 print. This is perfect to frame and put on your nightstand

Donate $50 and receive a signed 5×7 print. This is a perfect size to have on your desk, no?

Donate $75 and receive two signed 5 x 7 prints – a nice little complimentary set for your boudoir. I love the idea of having two complimentary, beautiful images, nicely framed and hung next to each other. MDS says he thinks it would be neat if you’re a couple to frame them and then put one on each of your nightstands. I love MDS. He’s so clever!

Donate $100 and receive one signed 8×10 print – perfect to hang on the wall. Actually Lochai gave me an 8×10 as a gift yesterday and it’s matted, framed, and perfectly placed on my desk, so an 8×10 is really a nice size – you can hang it or place it somewhere special.

For donations more generous than $100.00, please contact Lochai directly. Those donors will be considered sponsors and will not only have their name associated with the show as a sponsor, but as a thank-you gift will receive a signed, limited edition print in a larger size. Again, just contact Lochai directly to discuss this option. He’s a very friendly man!