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The wine glass is shaped like a bottom-heavy Señorita; I look at it longingly, my stare fixed through it. I trace my fingers over each curve and dip the tip of my left index into the ruby red liquid. My right hand mimics the tap of the rain on the awning outside, digits strumming steadily on the kitchen table, lightening flashes disbursing into the rhythm mixed.

There’s no way you want me as much as I want you. It’s not possible.

I stare out of the window into blackness. How I wish I could step outside into the wet fall and wash myself clean.

I know my thoughts of you would remain, though. You are embedded, right where you belong.

Thunder growls in the distance.


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Rarely in life someone crosses my path and grabs my attention with full force. I’ve lived enough to know when this does occur, such an alliance is not to be ignored.

When first stumbling across the sex blogosphere, her words and images stood alone. Not only is she gorgeous, she is a mother, a wife, and a true force to be reckoned with; she clearly understands what it is to be a Goddess, worthy of worship by rite alone. But there is so much more to this woman I am now privileged enough to call my friend.

She contacted me recently to embark on several creative tasks and asked me for my assistance. In no way did I hesitate. After all, not only did I respect her as a peer, her personality intrigued me. It still does.

What makes her my Doppelgänger? She is strong and soft, hard and vulnerable. Full of compassion and love, she’s also like a Pitbull – loyally willing to defend a loved one at the drop of a hat, to put her own needs aside to hold up what’s right in this world. She loves whole-heartedly, without abandon, even if reality may tell her to heed for self preservation. She’s strong willed, completely lovable, and a dirty little whore just like me. Simply put, she’s a minxy antipodean.

She’s also stunning to look at, beauty to behold, inside and out. Now that doesn’t hurt, does it?

Did I mention she likes her collar?

So for the first time in my life, I have taken assignment as Secretary. To both she and her dirty, filthy, incredibly sweet and oh-so-wickedly-fuckable husband.

Stay tuned, this should be fun. In fact, I guarantee it.