Naughty News And Reviews

Where to begin? This little Secretary has been busy…

First and foremost, I have some very exciting news to share. On a number of different topics, actually. The wonderful and wicked Heather at has asked me to become an official reviewer of sex toys. Yes, that’s right: me and sex toys, a match made in heaven. Who would have thought? Ok, ok, so it’s not so far fetched, but please stay tuned for copious orgasms and screams of pleasure with reviews posted here weekly.

VibeReviews has also launched a sister site called The Accidental Blowjob. It is certainly worth a look, and is filled with all kinds of goodies ranging from sexual health information, guides on topics such as female ejaculation, and interesting site and music reviews. Just a few days ago they reviewed the lovely Catalina here, and they plan on reviewing my site next.

Speaking of collars, I have also been in touch with the lovelies at, and look what landed on my doorstep just yesterday. Isn’t it pretty? It was made just for me. You’ll be hearing more about the collar in up and coming weeks.

I’ve also recently mentioned a pairing with the lovely Catalina on a few creative tasks of late. Well, let me introduce you to the site She sums the site up best:

“I did it! Best Sex Bloggers is live. is a unique collaboration between the best sex bloggers and the best erotic, bondage, and glamour photographers in the scene. We tried to represent every genre we could imagine: BDSM, Dom, Domme, Submissive, Online D/s, Vanilla, Queer, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Poly, Psychology, Sexuality, Discussion, Photography, Sociology, Podcasts, Bondage (including beautiful rope bondage by well-respected bondage artists), Erotic Fiction, Tales of Adventures, Sexual Fantasies, Hot Couples, Kink, Fetish, Phone Sex Operators, Professional Sex Writers, Reviews, Photoblogs, Education and Information, Smut, Filth, Flirting, HNT, Networking, Featured Artists, Local Events, Poetry, and even just once in a while a tale about the weird lives we tend to lead.

Pretty much, we have it all (and then some!) There are interviews, reviews, discussions, and debates sprinkled in with the variety of posts. Big names, good writing, and sexy images. It’s a pervert’s heaven, but not just any pervert. This blog is specifically for you that consider yourselves smart and kinky!”

Not only am I privileged enough to be one of the contributing authors for this site, I also designed the header. What do you think?

And after all of that, Your Girlfriend’s Diary was lovely enough to review my site. I’m beyond flattered. I’ve pasted the review below. Stay tuned for some more smut to follow!

~ NS

Your Girlfriend’s Diary: Naughty Secretary

Today we are going to visit the Naughty Secretary. You have to be careful here because NS blends fact and fiction sometimes so well you can’t tell where one stops and the other begins. Or is there really a difference? The site is kind of eclectic in that we get erotic fiction, photography, music and some other artsy stuff. That being said, sex in the primary topic; the main flavor: BDSM. The interesting part is that NS plays both dominant and submissive. Just compare Insatiable with The Wrath of Eve. The better part is that NS executes each very well. The style is not as immersive as some writing out there, but the set ups are well detailed and capture a mood quite effectively. In my view, the fiction is the best part of this site. Some of the stories are lengthy and others quite short, but there are quite a few of them, and they range in quality from good to really, really good.

Like many other female sites, there is a man floating around in some of the posts, this one called “Mr. X.” He is not obviously featured in most of the writing, though. Just as well. Come here for the stories. NS herself is harder to figure out. She obviously has a vivid sexual imagination, but you have to extrapolate who she is from her fictional selves. Her comments are actually of more help in this regard. Here is one of her comments I pulled from an older story about online relationships:

The internet also allows you to reveal as much of yourself as you deem fit. For some, this could mean honesty in your wants and desires, via a certain amount of anonymity. A connection that would not otherwise be there. And I don’t know about you, but the mind is where arousal hits me first. Put a gorgeous male in front of me. If he’s not intelligent, I’m not interested.

Exactly, NS. Exactly.

Blog type: Erotic fiction/photography/art

Erotic Quality: High marks for the stories. There are more than just BDSM themes going here for sure, though that is certainly a favored subject. NS does not always use the same point of view in her writing. Some is third person, some is first person/”I-he” and a few are first person/”I-you.” In some cases, that limits the immersive nature of the expression, but maybe I have just already read too many of these blogs.

Honesty: NS doesn’t reveal too much about herself directly, but you can often tell quite a bit from what and how an author expresses herself. There is an authenticity to the writing that can’t be denied. Remember, this category is not an assessment of whether the posts are actually true, but rather whether they reflect genuine sexual feeling. She convinced me anyway.

Presentation: I like the way the site is organized. NS uses a few obvious categories that allow easy navigation to what you want to see. If you are just here for the pictures, for example, one click and there they are. The navigation options are also useful for avoiding a number of Sugasm posts that unfortunately clutter up an otherwise good looking site.

Comments: The comments are great, and NS has a delightfully sharp tongue, as at least one ignorant commenter found to his or her discomfiture. My only advice: if you are going to comment, don’t say anything stupid. The problem is that many of the good discussions are buried in Sugasm junk. Yes, I know a lot of people do it, and I know why they do it, but it really does get in the way of the good stuff.

Fetish Factor:
This is definitely not a plain vanilla site. There is a strong current of dominance/submission, along with a bit of bisexual tension and other interesting stuff. Through it all though, it’s pretty likely to get something stirred up.

Overall, this is a great site. I found some of the best material in the older posts. There is more variation in the fiction at that point, so if you stop in, it is worth staying awhile.

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