A Child Pawn In A Queen’s Game

“To be an artist is to believe in life.” Henry Moore

I know my postings here of late have been a little varied. Most of you are probably wondering why that is. Well, a number of reasons have contributed, actually. I’ve been diving into my box of goodies from Vibe Review, for one. Lucky me. I’ve also suffered a severe case of writer’s block, number two. This seems to be remedying itself, so I can promise you a naughty tale to shortly follow this post. Also, sex toy reviews will be posted here very soon. Orgasms for everyone!

This very posting surfaced to the top of the pile for a very good reason: A friend in need. As I have mentioned, I have become dear friends with the lovely and talented Catalina. She really is a living, breathing, doll. And my opinion of her has nothing to do with the various projects we’ve been working on together, or the traffic she has thrown my way. I wouldn’t have offered my help or services to her if we weren’t friends before that. One begets the other; I just want to make sure that you my readers know the order in which things have fallen into place. I’m not one for sucking up, unless of course, I’m on the receiving end. But…as usual, I digress, enough about me…

Well, she’s run into difficulty concerning her daughter’s school, and an old wound. The issues can be read here. After digesting that, I was sick to my stomach, and the reasons are obvious. I’ve been in a financial bind before, and had to rely on the help of friends. It’s not a nice feeling, being vulnerable, the future uncertain, and I can’t imagine having my child’s education at stake on top of that clusterfuck.

So, what can I do? What can we do? Here’s what we can fucking do (and yes, I have a fire in my belly at this point): If you read the article, you’ll note that Catalina has started a raffle, and tickets are selling at $10 a piece. There are plenty of prizes, so I implore you to take a look. I’ve recently owned up to being a graphic designer, and my contribution to the prize heap is this: I’ve offered 2 separate prizes of 2 hours of my design time. Yep, you’ve got it. 2 hours of me – aren’t you lucky??? That could mean a logo, a business card, a postcard, whatever you’d like. As long as it takes 2 hours, it’s yours. *** Printing not included, of course.

Now, if you need some convincing of my design qualifications, here are a few naughty previews of what I’ve been designing of late.

Convinced enough? Then please visit here and buy a few tickets. *** Please note that any excess contributions will be donated to the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.

Some of you still on the fence? Ugh, you have to be difficult, don’t you? Time to pull out the big guns…(If you can’t hear the sarcasm from here…well, then…you don’t know me too well…)

So I’m admittedly a designer, but I also paint. In show of my friendship and loyalty, I’ve decided to auction off a personal piece of mine. You want a piece of The Naughty Secretary? Well, just like any good whore, you’ll have to pay for it.

Now, I know for a fact abstract art isn’t for everyone. In fact, only recently have I discovered the complexity of it. Sure, a 5 year old can paint like this, or wait! This looks like my techni-color yawn at the end of one helluva big night…but honestly? Abstract art is highly underrated. You really should have the basics mastered: color, layout, meaning, texture…just like design. Only take out form to an extent, and then try to convey what you want to say. In high school, I thought abstract art complete bollocks. Now that I’ve explored the forms, it seems natural, emotive, real.

Now, after all of that, take a gander and decide for yourself!

This is an acrylic painting on board, 9×12 inches. Easy to frame and ship ~ It even has my name on the bottom!

So, I’m thinking I want to auction this off. Please email me at naughtysecretary78@gmail.com, and send me the amount you think this is worth. All proceeds go to the lovely Catalina and paying off that horrendous bill. I’ll pick the highest amount offered and email you back sometime on Saturday, August 16th with payment and shipping details. *** Please note, buyer pays shipping, and payment must be made via Paypal by Monday, the 18th of August.

I want to thank you in advance for your support ~ It means a great deal to me. A strong education and a loving home are what every child deserves.

~ NS

16 Responses to “A Child Pawn In A Queen’s Game”

  1. I am in -awe- of your talent!!! I was really admiring those new VibeReview banners and didn’t know they’re yours!
    That painting is spectacular. I cross my finger that the little bit I was able to donate in the buying of a few tickets leads me to your donations!

  2. Naughty Secretary Says:

    Miss Lilly, you are a sweetheart. If I don’t get any nibbles on the painting, I’m throwing it in the raffle. So you may very well be lucky!
    Thank you so much for the compliment. It means bunches to me. 🙂

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  7. Glad to see you back posting again..missed you around here! Totally understand the friend in need and am heading off to buy a ticket here shortly. Looking forward to a new naughty post from you soon!

  8. NS…bought a ticket. Wishing there was something more that I could do. Let me know if there is.

  9. Naughty Secretary Says:

    SW ~ Thank you for your support, hopefully luck was on your side in the raffle!

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