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The Pleasure Of Torment

Posted in Erotica, Sugasm with tags on September 10, 2008 by naughtysecretary

I look at Rose languidly stretched out on my couch, my stare wandering up her booted calves to the inside of her milky thighs. I settle my gaze on her incredibly short skirt and smile. She’s a strikingly beautiful woman; confident, incredibly smart, sweet, and quirky. Not to mention she’s physically gorgeous. Her hair spills down her face in waves, her eyes bright and clear, her cheekbones high. She reminds me of a cat in so many ways. She catches my stare and giggles.

“And what are you lookin’ at, darlin’?” I find her lingering Texan accent adorable.

“I think you know what I’m looking at.” I smile broadly and wink at her. She giggles again.

“I’ve been thinking. Do you want to be wicked with me and play a little game? I’d like your help with something…or rather, someone…”

She immediately perks up. “Oh you know I can’t resist an offer like that! What do you have in mind?” Mischief plays on her lips. In many ways, she’s exactly like me. Maybe I am a narcissist after all, I think to myself.

I outline my plan, and her compliance is shown through a series of nods. I grab my laptop and quickly compose the email, press send, and snap the computer shut.

“What do you say we grab some dinner and a glass of wine? Then we’ll come back here and see if he wants to play. Deal?”

“Deal! But dinner is my treat this time.” She looks at me with those big green eyes, her face showing a flicker of stubbornness.


We leave to hunt down some food, and after a nice meal at one of the local restaurants, we return. I grab my laptop and seat myself next to her on the couch.

“Let’s see if he took the bait, shall we?” I open Messenger, and sure enough, he’s online. I can’t help but smile. I turn to her and whisper “Let the games begin!” I message him and place the laptop on the coffee table, making sure Rose is out of sight. I switch on my new webcam, and within minutes, his friendly grin is mirroring mine.

“Long time no see, stranger. I have a surprise for you. I’d like you to meet someone.” Rose leans into view and waves at the camera. His expression changes immediately.

He is catching on, or so he thinks, I note to myself.

“I want you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. No words, just watch.” He nods in affirmation.

I turn towards Rose. The expression on her face tells me she’s enjoying this as much as I am. I lean in and kiss her softly on her lips, slowly parting hers with my own. My hands wander through her soft hair onto the nape of her neck, my fingers brush at the sides of her cheek. I plant a string of kiss along her jawline and nibble at her earlobe. She sighs and I simultaneously feel a pang of desire surge into my belly. I look back at my computer screen and his face echoes complete disbelief.

Just you wait warns the voice in my head.

I continue to kiss her as my hands move slowly over her breasts. I can feel her nipples instantly harden under my touch. Her hands move up my thighs, her warm fingers and palms slowly rubbing over my skin. I feel the slow ache of desire take over my body, and I can feel it in hers, too. The invisible heat between us only draws us closer, our movements picking up speed in unspoken desperation. I lift her tank top over her head, her proud nipples begging for attention. I slip my own shirt over my head and move closer to her, the warmth of her body pressed to mine, breast to breast. We kiss passionately as we wrap ourselves in each other.

I look over to the screen, and he has already unbuttoned his jeans. His beautiful cock stands in clear view, his hand slowly rubbing over the shaft, the other hand cupping his testicles. I can hear him gasping at the sight of us, gasping at his own pleasure. This only inflames me further. I turn back to her, and my right hand travels under her skirt. She moans as I slip a finger slowly into her. I look back to the screen.

“You would not believe how wet she is.” I withdraw my finger and slowly suck on it.

“And my God, she tastes soooo good.” I kiss her again. I ask her to stand and she complies. Her skirt falls to the ground with a tug, as does her damp thong. She is left wearing nothing except her boots.

“I think I want them left on.” She nods. I instruct her to sit on the couch facing the computer. She does so and is placed in center view of the screen. All the while he keeps stroking his cock, the occasional grunt of approval escaping him, his own pace picking up. I kneel at her feet, and with a palm on each knee I slowly part her legs to show him her bare, wet cunt. I slip my finger into her and back into my mouth to sample her again. She throws her head back, each one of her hands cupping a breast as she pinches lightly at her nipples.

I look at the screen. “You’d like to see more, I know you would. I bet right now you want to see me plunge my tongue into that hot, wet cunt, don’t you? You’d love to watch me pleasure her, to watch me fuck her my way…”

“Yes! YES! Fuck yes! Please…I want to see you taste her.” His voice is strained, his cock pulsing in delicious pain. I can tell he’s not far from his own orgasm.

“You do? You want to see that?” I look him directly in the eye.

“Yes, you know I do. Please, please don’t make me beg…”

That last sentence is all I need to hear. It’s a confirmation of his torment, and I know it’s time.

“Well, let me tell you something. I will do all of that, all of that and more. How could I not? She’s absolutely breathtaking. But listen closely to me, because you’ll only be warned once. I don’t like being ignored, and you know that. Maybe next time when I call, or leave you a message, you’ll have the decency to return the gesture.”

The snap of the closing laptop punctuates the air, and startled, Rose sits up. When I had informed her earlier of the plan, I had deliberately left this part out, so it takes a few seconds for her to understand what has taken place. She looks at me, looks at the shut laptop, and back to me again. She blinks, throws her head back and laughs loudly.

“That was incredibly mean of you!” She’s still submerged in a fit of laughter as she rolls around on the couch.

“Oh, I know, that was the whole point.” I start to laugh along with her.

“What a shame! I was having such a good time!” Looking at her, it is easy to see the lingering desire still plastered all over her face. She’s biting at her bottom lip, her left brow is raised, and her eyes simply sparkle.

“Oh, I didn’t say anything about that part halting, silly girl.” I scan over her lithe frame one more time, drinking her in, before I part her legs again and push my tongue slowly into her sweet liquid warmth.