The Wicked Games We Play

He’s standing in the kitchen, pacing back and forth while talking on the phone. My laptop has finally decided to give up altogether, and knowing my intolerance for people in general, he’s troubleshooting for me. My modern-day knight in shining armor, I think to myself, and I smile as I watch him. He catches my look and grins in return. I decide it’s time to reward him for his diligence and loyalty, and holding his stare, I run my hands down the front of my shirt and lightly tweak my nipples. I slip my hand into my pants and his smile broadens. I beckon him with my index finger, and he complies, walking behind me upstairs. I’m impressed at his ability to follow my instruction whilst never losing a beat in his conversation.

We reach the bedroom and he shuts the door behind me. I immediately strip down, all the while beaming shamelessly like a naughty imp. He stands by the dresser, his gaze firmly planted on the spectacle before him. I’m naked and spread open on the bed, my hands running over my stiff nipples, my belly and waist, down to the wetness between my legs. He answers a query while he unzips his pants, his rigid cock springing into view. He starts to run a hand down the length of his shaft, the other remaining on his phone while the technical talk continues.

I’m surprised myself at how aroused and slippery I am, and I surmise it has much to do with the shift in power between us. I’m in control this time, and he has to play by my rules. He steps closer to the bed, and I cover myself with the duvet, silently telling him to keep his distance. The moment he steps back, I slowly remove the covering and continue to play with myself, my nakedness in clear view. He continues to stroke his cock as I dip my fingers into my cunt and then into my mouth. I note that his facial expression has changed; he’s frustrated, and aroused, and at bay, a foreign notion to him. His pace has picked up, his hands moving over his prick in a steady rhythm. I watch in amusement as I continue to fuck myself on the bed.

I can’t help but revel in my control, low moans and gasps filling the air, audible enough to torture him, but soft enough for the invisible third party in the tryst not to hear. Suddenly I realize that his phone conversation is about to end, and looking at his face and his pulsing cock, I know I’m about to be torn apart in complete lust. The thought is enough to send a ripple of pleasure throughout my body, the sensation surging through my nipples and into my belly. Within a matter of seconds my wet cunt explodes, and I’m wriggling and writhing all over the bed, my climax sending me to somewhere new. I catch my breath as his phone snaps shut, and I squeal loudly as he reaches the bed. My head is spinning, my body aching when he grabs me by the back of my head, pushing me roughly down onto his warm cock. He comes almost instantly when he feels the heat of my mouth and the soft of my tongue completely wrap around him, and all I hear is him grunting and groaning in completion.

I look up at him, utterly satisfied with my mischief. I laugh as I lick my lips and savor the taste of his seed on my tongue.

Ahh, the wicked games we play.

8 Responses to “The Wicked Games We Play”

  1. I can only imagine being in your presence, spellbound, unthinkingly obeying as my left brain is elsewhere, my right brain in my panties 😉

  2. I NEVER thought I would hear a story where speaking to a technical advisor on the phone could be SO MUCH FUN!!

  3. got any more computer problems? you are my dream girl. i’ll give you 24/7 support….

  4. Naughty Secretary Says:

    Q ~ Your sassy comment made me laugh, quite a feat on this rather dreary and dark day. I have a soft spot for “geeks”….beware! 😉
    BUT, the question remains: Are you an Apple or PC man?

  5. Naughty Secretary Says:

    Lilly ~ What lovely imagery.

    Unbroken ~ Naughtiness makes everything bearable!

  6. southerngirl Says:

    With the right partner, teasing can be so much fun!! To hold your lover spellbound and at bay for a while is an art worth pursing. PATIENCE…a virtue indeed.

  7. southerngirl Says:

    This is how green I am…can’t even edit properly! 🙂

  8. Naughty Secretary Says:

    southerngirl ~ Teasing IS so much fun! I am the Queen of Tease! I love the art of seduction. Patience is a virtue, one I have yet to fully grab hold of! I can be as impatient as they get…and don’t worry about being green, you should have seen me when I first started writing – the whole blog management thing seemed quite large and impossible to wrap my head around!
    I fixed your boo boo 🙂

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