My Junior Linguist

I sit down on the couch next to her long 5 year-old frame. I manage to steal her gaze from the television, and holding her dinner plate in front of me, I explain everything on the menu. I pick up a square piece of bread and look at her.

“Now, I know you like bread, and this one is special. It’s a bread from another country called Italy. Focaccia. Can you say that?”

She pauses, and with her big blue eyes sparkling at me, she declares a yes.

“I can say it, Focccc…accccc…iaaaa.”

I’m smiling at her when her facial expression immediately changes. Her own smile has been zapped away and she’s dead serious. I can almost see the small wheels turning in her head.

“Oh my gosh…I almost said FUCK!!!”

I burst into laughter and roll around in a fit of hysteria.

One Response to “My Junior Linguist”

  1. LoL.
    Little Ones always know when there’s an “almost” bad word.

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