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VibeReview – Silver Bullet

Posted in Sex Toy Reviews with tags on September 28, 2008 by naughtysecretary

With my legs crossed and my laptop in front of me, I slid the small smooth bullet into the crux of my pants. My fingers moved over the control, the vibrations slowly hummed their way against my clitoris, a smile encased on my face…

There are three reasons I love the VibeReview Silver Bullet: Size, versatility, and affordability. I can’t honestly praise it enough.

I would like to start with the basics of the toy. It stands at just a 2.25 inches in length and one inch in diameter. Who would have thought something so small could pack such a punch? That means you can hide it away discreetly in a handbag, the lining of your underwear, or the console of your car. Whatever situation your devious mind could conjure, this little workhorse will be up for the task, and then some. The Bullet is also small enough that you won’t overwhelm yourself with direct sensation. Some larger toys are just too intense for us girls and our sensitive lady-parts.

This leads to the second reason I adore the Bullet. I can’t brag enough about the versatility of this toy. This is what makes the Bullet a keeper. The size of the toy gives the user so many options, whether you’re playing by yourself, or with a partner. The cute slider (in the form of a heart) lets you control the intensity of vibration, a feature many toys lack. I’ve found that sometimes the toys with 2 speeds have no comfortable variation. You’ve either got feather-soft, or jack-hammer hard. Not this bad boy. The slider makes finding a comfortable sensation very easy. Its also pretty hot when playing with a partner to hand over the slide control and let the teasing begin.

You can also use this toy for either direct clitoris stimulation or G-spot arousal. When I tried this toy I used it for both, and enjoyed both sensations completely. If playing with a partner, it can also be inserted anally while you get a nice royal fucking, your man enjoying the internal sensation as much as you. Look at all the suggestions I’ve given you! I told you, it’s versatile! When using it the first time I had wicked thoughts of sliding it into my pants, threading the controller through the sleeve of my shirt and going for a walk…

Today’s market is so flooded with toys I think many of us expect a good and reliable sex toy to burn a hole in our wallets. Not this faithful baby. At this price, you may as well buy a bunch as stocking-stuffers for your girlfriends in need, and revel in the smiles your gift will provide for a while to come. When I showed my best friend the link to The Bullet, raving about it to him, his response was “At that price, you may as well buy two!” And he’s right! This product is one of the most affordable you’ll find.

Convinced yet? Go take a look! This is my favorite toy so far, and I doubt you, my loyal readers, will be disappointed.