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Power Shift

Posted in Erotica with tags on October 31, 2008 by naughtysecretary

The doctor picks up my empty glass and offers me his well manicured hand.

“Let’s get a drink, shall we?”

I stand, ignoring his hand, and walk into the kitchen behind him. He fixes our beverages, the clink of ice hitting glass sharply punctuating the air. We make idle chat as he busies himself with the cocktails. He hands me mine, I thank him and take a sip.

He crosses the room and stands close to me. I can feel the heat of his body next to mine.

“So, this boyfriend of yours. Is he good looking?” I’m taken aback at his question, and to throw me off guard further, he takes a step closer while wearing a smile that I’m sure works with most women.

“Why do you ask?” I falter a little, and this seems to please him.

“I think you know why I’m asking.” He’s enjoying every second of me being slightly put off, relishing in the power shift. “Am I making you uncomfortable?” The wicked grin remains.

“No, you’re not.” I can hear the defiance starting to burn in my voice, and I’m sure my face is echoing the same sentiment.

“Oh, I think I am. I’m sorry, you seem a little flustered. It’s actually quite adorable…” He steps back and triumphantly takes a sip of his drink. This only fuels me on.

“My boyfriend? Yes, he’s good looking. He also has a rather large cock.” I smile over my glass.

“Oh, well I don’t have a large cock. Mine’s small.” His smile remains, and I can see a flicker of defiance in his own face.

“Next you’ll be telling me you’re great at cunnilingus as compensation,” I retort. I love to verbally joust. It’s my way of testing people to see if they’re worth my time.

“Oh, no, I’m terrible at it,” he exclaims, and I laugh. I am impressed that he’s keeping up. He’s also just walked into the trap I’ve set, which tickles me further.

“Well, none of it really matters anyway, now does it?” Mischief plays on my lips and I take another sip.

“What do you mean, it doesn’t matter?” He’s taken the bait, hook, line and sinker.

“It’s not like we’ll ever fuck.” Now it’s my own confidence that shines through.

He pauses slightly before he answers with care. “Well, there’s always the possibility…”

I look him directly in the eyes. “No, trust me, we’ll never fuck, I guarantee it.” With that, I pivot, and with an extra flick of my hips, I exit the room.

Spookygasm #151

Posted in Erotica with tags on October 31, 2008 by naughtysecretary

Happy Halloween everyone! And thanks to all who voted for me. I’ll happily tuck Editor’s Choice under my belt. Yay!

~ NS

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Yours, Sir
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Posted in Erotica with tags on October 29, 2008 by naughtysecretary

“If I can be completely honest,” he pauses to choose his words well, “you look like you would be phenomenal in bed.”

I throw my head back and laugh. It doesn’t help that Rose sits opposite me and coos praises.

“Oh, she is. Absolutely.” She smiles her beautiful smile, her green eyes shining pools of mischief. With both of them looking at me intently, I suddenly feel the warm rush of embarrassment flood my face.

“And tell me, what gives you that idea?” I can feel the tingle of vodka swirling in my system.

The doctor studies me, all the while wearing a playful grin. He’s a shark. Decent looking and smartly dressed, he’s a man that’s used to having women flock to stroke that huge ego he wears so proudly. It was the first thing I saw when I entered the room.

“You have this air about you. And it’s in your eyes.”

I take a sip of my drink. “You may be right.”

Husband Of The Year Awards

Posted in Giggles on October 24, 2008 by naughtysecretary

The honorable mention goes to the United Kingdom…

…followed closely by The United States of America.

And then, Poland.

Third place is won by Greece.

It was very close, but second place was
awarded to Serbia.

But the title of ‘Husband Of The Year’ goes to the Irish.

You gotta love the Irish. Such romantics.
Look, he’s even holding her hand.

Now who said chivalry was dead, huh?

~ NS

Sass And The Sadist

Posted in Erotica, Sugasm with tags on October 15, 2008 by naughtysecretary

I think I’m finally sexed-out. Hard to believe, I know…

We can take a break if it would please you. Except for oil rubdowns and foot baths. You won’t be getting out of those so easy.

Oh poor me…

Please. I was even going to be so nice as to forgo binding your ankles with a belt while I rubbed your feet, but this plea for sympathy has led me to stop considering it.

You are MEAN!

And now you’re shouting at me? Maybe I need to put your collar back on your neck.

I’ll shout all I want. I’m full of sass today. You deserve it.

I love tearing your thong off, shoving it in your mouth, and feeling your soft bare pussy on my cock. Especially with your hands bound behind your back. Though a thong in your mouth doesn’t entirely stop the sass…Have I ever told you how good you would look blindfolded and gagged, tied to one of our kitchen chairs with your legs spread apart so I could torture you with the massager?

No, you have not told me such things.

I may not always take into account that the pillow I’m holding over your face might stop you from hearing me…I suppose that if you’re blindfolded, you wouldn’t see how good you actually look, either. I’ll have to remember to take a couple snapshots. Candlelight is very flattering…

Well, you have to catch me before you can tether me.

Your history of successful escapes from me is very, very short.

Well, that would be because I allow you to catch me, now wouldn’t it?

At least you’re consistent. I’ve noticed that you tend to surrender when you feel my shoulders pin you and the warm of my hard cock through my pants. Your struggle makes me want to clench even slower and tigher while sliding my tongue along the base of your neck ever so softly…

Mmmmm. Now you have my attention.

And I didn’t even need to wrap my hand around your soft red hair, clench and twist. Not to catch you this time. Unless, of course, we put you in the pleasure chair, with your legs spread and hands bound behind your back. If that’s the case, I’ll stand behind you with your hair clenched and twisting in my hand while I guide the massager along your silken pussy.

I don’t know which I like more. The ecstasy and sublime comfort of knowing that you’re 100% mine and entirely open to everything I could inflict upon you…Or feeling your struggle slowly subside…