Did She Really Say That?

“It’s time that normal Joe Six-Pack American is finally represented in the position of Vice Presidency.”
Sarah Palin.

Yes, people, she’s that dumb. And yes, I’m hitting my head against the desk while I’m laughing at her stupidity. My God, she gives women a bad name…

13 Responses to “Did She Really Say That?”

  1. lankrypt0 Says:

    Just imagine her as president should anything happen to McCain *shudders*. That is not something I would look forward to. That stupidity aside, her “rape kit” controversy really gives women, if not people in general, a bad name.

  2. I though Joe Six-Pack American was already represented… Anyone remember Dan Quayle? Somehow Palin makes him seem less stupid…

  3. lankrypt0 ~ I’m not really a political lass, for I believe there are more important things to do in life than debate stupidity against stupidity, but I agree with you wholeheartedly on both points.
    Anyone seeking info on the “rape kit” controversy, look here: http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2008/sep/22/palin-rape-kit-controversy/

    Beavis ~ You’ll enjoy this. Dan Quayle was mentioned.

  4. Oh my god……I honestly don’t see how the Republicans thought she was a good option for VP………

  5. And she just said it again a few minutes ago during the debate!!

  6. What’s the problem? Surely anyone who believes in creationism has a rational and reasonable grasp on reality, so she’ll make a great Vice President!


  7. As somebody seeing this from ‘over the pond’ in the UK, it is slightly amusing, and I hope I’m not insulting all you Americans by saying this! I saw snippets of the debate on this morning’s news, and whilst Sarah Palin appeared to give a polished performance, the general concencus over here is that her performance was maybe a bit over practiced.

  8. Are you fucking kidding me?? She ACTUALLY SAID THAT?? Jesus, and people wonder why I’ve been avoiding the whole political thing lately. I’m with lankrypt, the idea of this woman anywhere NEAR the oval office makes me shudder in horror.

    Please America, please!! DON’T DO IT!!

  9. southerngirl Says:

    I am probably a lone wolf here from the US side of the “pond.”

    One great thing about the democratic countries of this world is the FREEDOM to have diverse opinions on such topics as politics (without government retribution). Though I may not agree on all the opinions above, I would gladly fight for your right to express them.

    Has anyone here seen Jimmy Stewart’s Mr. Smith goes to Washington?
    Stewart’s character is yound and a bit green, he represents American freedom, democracy and morality over oppression. He is a patriotic politician who, after being sent to Washington matures in wisdom and fights political corruption.

    I believe what Palin is saying is that it is time for the average Joe to represent this country instead of all the pundits (on both dsides of the aisle) who can’s seem to solve a thing in Washington.

  10. I like the way she describes herself as a hockey mom. When I think of a hockey mom I think of my mother who spent hours driving my two brothers to hockey and me to various other things. She barely had time for a part time job which she would have dropped in a minute if the three of us needed more of attention. That doesn’t jive with a mother of five (one of which is newly born with down syndrome) whos Governor or VP.

    I have the utmost respect for career women but don’t pretend to be something your night – a hockey mom.

  11. Z ~ Well, I’m sure they knew of the attention she would receive, for one, her religious stand, for two, the fact that she is a woman, number three.

    Unbroken ~ That she did!

    Mendicatus ~ I’m still banging my head against the desk…

    Baggers ~ I’ll admit, I laughed when someone commended her debating performance…I guess since I’m a pretty good debater, I should run next? 😉

    swingerwife ~ I generally stay away from politics, but I’ve found this round to be entertaining, at a bare minimum.

    southerngirl ~ While I agree with you on what she was trying to say, I’d prefer my Vice President to be a little more articulate. She’s essentially shooting herself in the foot with statements like that. And, while I agree that America is all about freedom, as a foreigner, I have found that it is the most micromanaged society I have lived in to this day.

    sophie ~ I believe it’s just another way to sell herself to the masses, to be honest.

  12. Guess that you can add another one to my previous comment. My vanilla friends were aghast as I described the picture in this post. Did you see her eyes light up when she talked about drilling in her debate???

  13. Q ~ Wow, if they think this image is risque, it’s a good thing they don’t have access to my computer’s hard drive…And yes, I giggled into my glass of wine when I saw that particular twinkle in her eyes that evening…

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