I perch myself on a stool, the dark of the bar contrasting with the twinkle of the lights strung above. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. My smile is matched with my bartender’s imp-like grin as he pours me a drink without prompting. It’s not long before I am staring into liquid gold and randomly skewering a lone lime with my straw.

“Are you alright?” My head swivels to the right and I smile.

“Excuse me?” I look at the stranger in earnest. I’m confused by his query.

“Well, you seem to be taking something out on that lime…” He gestures towards my drink.

“Oh, no. I’m fine.” I chuckle. I was too busy swimming in my own thoughts to even notice the spearing onslaught I had taken on my citric friend.

“I saw you with your girlfriend the other night, across the street.” At first his comment doesn’t even register.

“Oh…Oh! You did?” I can feel the hot flush of embarrassment quickly prickle across my face.

“I did.” He’s looking at me intently now, and I can see he’s enjoying my bemusement. “You two are quite sweet together.”

I laugh loudly and thank him.

Sweet. The concept bounces around my head, followed closely by girlfriend. Neither is normally applied to me, so they trail each other in a fresh mental tango. I sit there in silence, and wearing a grin, I enjoy the dance. In an instant I’m flooded with images of her; the soft of her skin, her silken hair, the lilt in her voice. I can almost feel her warmth, hear her giggles. I immediately wish her next to me so I can steal a kiss from her gorgeous lips.

Sweet. Girlfriend.

Yes, actually, she is sweet. Adorable, in fact. I finish the last of my drink and slip into the night.

6 Responses to “Sweet”

  1. southerngirl Says:

    hmmm, seems like a story unfinished….

  2. I prefer to think of it as an introduction, sg…

  3. If that is the introduction, I can’t wait to hear more of the story.

    (I think we need to have a few margaritas together sometime soon!)

  4. What? You left without this man who obviously had some interest in you? Not your type?

    Or you’re being a tease!!

  5. A snapshot post – I’ve been reading a few of these lately around the blogs, but this one made me smile just that little bit more!

  6. swingerwife ~ Oh there’s more, trust me… šŸ˜‰

    Unbroken ~ Actually, I think his intentions were more to tell me that he had spied me with my hands all over a beautiful woman, than to pick me up. Like he knew a secret, almost…

    LadyP ~ What a treat to make a lady smile… šŸ™‚

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