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Dirty Whore

Posted in Erotica with tags , , on October 10, 2008 by naughtysecretary

You know what they say, the bigger the hoops…the bigger the…

Mmm hmm. They say it even louder when the whore-red hoops match the whore-red nail polish.

God, it’s like you’re calling me a whore or something…

I must have gotten the wrong impression in bed last night…

Why? Was I whore-like?

Your collar was whore-red as well.

Imagine that, yes it is. Just like this plastic cup sitting beside me.

Just because a whore has red hair does not make the hair whore red. I am aware of your many shades of red from having seen so much of it in my extensive, unrelenting pulling of it.

Mmmmm. I’m purring.

Purring. Is this pussy wearing a collar? She’d better be. Someone owns her.

God, you fucking turn me on like no other. I’m going to email you something. They’re not safe for work.

Mmm…I saw the pictures. You’re going to get to know the inside of your little closet very well if you keep sending me filth like that.

Dirty whore.