VibeReview – Under The Bed Restraints

He quickly strapped my wrists into the restraints, following with him securing each ankle. He looked over my body slowly, a primal flicker showing in his eyes, his satisfaction punctuated with a grunt. It wasn’t long before his tongue traced the most intimate folds of my cunt, his lapping opening me up with each stroke. Every time my moaning became too loud, or I pulled on the restraints, he slowed his pace, keeping me on the edge of climax, teetering on the precipice of complete pleasure. When my wriggling, my writhing, my pleas for mercy finally became too much to hear, his fingers plunged into my wetness as his tongue rolled over my clitoris, the orgasm forced out of me until I was left limp and shaking, tethered to the bed…

VibeReview’s Under The Bed Restraints will not fail to please you, whether you are a curious beginner of BDSM, or a complete master of restraint. This is the kind of sexual aid that everyone should try at least once. You may be wondering why this product comes with such quick praise, and the answer would be versatility. It’s comfortable, portable, adjustable and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t get better than that.

Attaching the restraints to your bed looks more complicated than the actual task at hand. The hardest part will be getting under your mattress, and even that isn’t too difficult. The beauty of these restraints are that they are not technically attached to any furniture at all – the system lays along the spine of the bed frame, with the two restraints folding over at top of the mattress and two at the bottom. You can position each set at either top or bottom of the bed, or use them at each side, depending on what kind of play you intend to use them for. No harm to bedroom furniture or expensive sheets can always be considered a plus.

The cuffs themselves are sturdy enough to hold, but not firm enough to injure, which I find the perfect balance. The velcro strip makes for easy capture and release. I also loved that the restraints were very easy to adjust according to height.

One of the best features of this toy is the fact that it is portable. I love that you can take this system on vacation with you, and no-one would know any better. It is easy to set up, quick to pull down, and remains hidden when necessary.

This product gets the highest marks. I can’t brag enough about how pleased I am to have Under The Bed Restraints as the newest addition to my collection. The product is simply delicious from concept through creation. I’ve used the restraints every day since set-up…

2 Responses to “VibeReview – Under The Bed Restraints”

  1. I love the photo. You didn’t get to tie him up him, did you?

  2. wrenna ~ If I had that boy tied up, he’d still be tied…

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