Husband Of The Year Awards

The honorable mention goes to the United Kingdom…

…followed closely by The United States of America.

And then, Poland.

Third place is won by Greece.

It was very close, but second place was
awarded to Serbia.

But the title of ‘Husband Of The Year’ goes to the Irish.

You gotta love the Irish. Such romantics.
Look, he’s even holding her hand.

Now who said chivalry was dead, huh?

~ NS

5 Responses to “Husband Of The Year Awards”

  1. Makes me wanna go suck my man’s cock in appreciation of him, or something, lol

  2. I was raised to be a gentleman. This is really quite disturbing! Not that the guys are being jerks. Moreso that these woman put up with them!

  3. Lilly ~ I know exactly what you mean.

    Unbroken ~ I agree wholeheartedly! Apart from the cultural factor, I can’t believe some of the antics of the men, and that women actually tolerate being treated this way – I mean, sleeping with your bike while your wife is outside of the tent? He would have received a swift kick in the balls from me.

  4. Looks like there will be a lot less blowjobs in the world if this trend continues.

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