“If I can be completely honest,” he pauses to choose his words well, “you look like you would be phenomenal in bed.”

I throw my head back and laugh. It doesn’t help that Rose sits opposite me and coos praises.

“Oh, she is. Absolutely.” She smiles her beautiful smile, her green eyes shining pools of mischief. With both of them looking at me intently, I suddenly feel the warm rush of embarrassment flood my face.

“And tell me, what gives you that idea?” I can feel the tingle of vodka swirling in my system.

The doctor studies me, all the while wearing a playful grin. He’s a shark. Decent looking and smartly dressed, he’s a man that’s used to having women flock to stroke that huge ego he wears so proudly. It was the first thing I saw when I entered the room.

“You have this air about you. And it’s in your eyes.”

I take a sip of my drink. “You may be right.”

8 Responses to “Phenomenal”

  1. I think it’s the apparent deadpan earnestness of men like him. I see them and cannot help but laugh. This is plastered all over my damn city.

  2. I’m sorry, but he founded a juice company called, “Happy Planet.”

  3. Max Perino Says:

    -chuckle- I know that dance, albeit from the other side, eyes drinking in each curve, each movement, every inch like a slow warm sip of Scotch and always finishing at the eyes, locking on to them like a firm grip that knows exactly what it wants. Making no apology for causing that flush of embarrassment, knowing that warmth will spread deep into your stomach causing an electric knot of embarrassment, arousal, need and desire. Igniting that stubborn whorish pride to show just how good you are when paired with the right partner.

    Locking onto your eyes with so many ideas forming after you confirm what is already known…

  4. Oh! I know the answer to that!! At least from what I’ve read…

  5. You just have to love a man who is so supremely confident of himself that he is totally comfortable saying things like that to a virtual stranger….or not.

    The way you describe him reminds me quite vividly of a character from the television show “Nip/Tuck”. Christian. Yum-my!!

  6. wrenna ~ I think he was genuine to a point. But like I said, he’s a shark and I am by no means an easy catch.

    Max ~ It was certainly a dance that continued through the evening…

    Unbroken ~ You do, huh? 😉 I’m actually awful in the sack…

    swingerwife ~ Ahhh yes, dear Christian. Fucking lovely!

  7. Ha! I don’t believe you!!

  8. I’m not a very good liar, I’ll admit that…;)

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