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VibeReview – Bondage Tape

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With both of my feet resting on his shoulder, he continued to wrap the tape around my ankles over, over, and over again. When finished, he flashed me his devilish signature grin, making sure I was secured to his liking, my arse wriggling in confirmation. He ran his hands down the backs of my legs slowly, slipping a finger, then two, into my wetness. He pushed forward, his body on top of mine, my legs in the air as he slipped his cock between my inner thighs. He ran his length teasingly over my cleft, nudging at my already engorged clitoris. It wasn’t long before I was begging him to enter me, to fuck me, to fill me with his every inch, and when he did, a gasp escaped my mouth as I clawed at his back in primal need…

I’ll admit, I wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of Bondage Tape to begin with. I’m a girl who likes to be restrained, but I honestly thought “Well, how much could plastic really hold me?” Boy was I wrong. This tape is strong! As some of us have found out through one unfortunate way or another, using regular tape in bedroom play is just a general no-no and guaranteed to bring you nothing but pain. The tape is strong enough to secure, but not harsh enough to injure. No more sticky tape in your hair. Strong and pain free: now that sounds like a perfect combination to me.

The tape comes in a roll of 30 feet, and since the tape adheres to itself, it is completely reusable. Compared to any of the other restraining systems or products out there in kink market, none are as cheap or as effective.

Sexual versatility is the other benefit of using Bondage Tape in the bedroom. Whether you are a couple into hardcore BDSM, or the vanilla coupling looking to add some spice to your sex life, this tape can be used in both situations in a number of ways. If you look online at the customer reviews for this product, you can see just how creative some couples can get. One woman talked of being completely wrapped in the tape. Others talked about being blindfolded and gagged with it. One couple even went to the extreme of crafting a ‘tape web’ out of it. The possibilities are endless.

As far as sex toys go, the products that are affordable whilst promoting creativity are the ones that really grab my attention. This tape is both, and I would recommend it to any couple who are looking to try something new. And at that price, why not? Go take a peek!

And The People Have Spoken…

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