And The People Have Spoken…


6 Responses to “And The People Have Spoken…”

  1. Sensuelle Says:

    Glad you’ve marked the occasion NS …. I stayed up all night to watch this …. ‘awesome’ only just comes close to describing it …. this was a good day!

  2. Yes! What a monumental day 😀

  3. It was a day in history that I was so thrilled to be a part of. I truly hope he can change the course we’re on!

  4. Are you people serious!? He’s a politician. He’s already backing off of his campaign promises.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s President and he has my support, but I’m not going to delude myself that President-Elect Obama is anything more than politician.

  5. Money guy has it right.

    Haaaaaaaa excellent pic though!

  6. I doubt that anyone who commented actually believes Obama to be anything but human. But given the shiteous state of affairs, I’m not surprised he does indeed look fucking awesome in some regard. And the photo?

    The photo is funny as hell.

    The End.

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