I’m haunted, I’ll admit it. The mere hint of you turns my world upside down. My existence is peppered with the translucent imagery of you, naked in the half light, your body glowing with desire and need, your ever-slight showing defined by the ache within and the havoc you constantly wreak in my mind. I’m left alone and burning and in want, seeking something that was actually never there to begin with.

My apparition, my phantom lover, my own phenomenon. The moment I reach out, whisper thin smoke curls from my fingertips. I’m left with your words heavy in the air, your desires firmly embedded within my own lithe frame. I cant help but laugh when I realize that your silence is one of the heaviest sounds I know.

I see you fully, and when I do, you’re gone.

12 Responses to “Apparition”

  1. I wish I was lithe, too.

    Very cool snow effect . . . I love it.


  2. These apparitions, they’re enough to drive a gal crazy…..

  3. Beautiful.

    (Also – How did you get the snow?! Want!)

    LadyP x

  4. Joy!

    Thanks, my dear NS.

  5. Haha, it’s snowing on Naughty Secretary! *sticks out tongue to catch one*

    “My apparition, my phantom lover, my own phenomenon.” I hate ghosts, myself. But you seem to get real pleasure out of it, somehow.

  6. CheeseWizard Says:

    I recently had someone call me Apparition in a text message. What a coincidence!

  7. Molly Ren ~ I’m a hedonist. I’m pretty sure I could find pleasure just about anywhere…

    CheeseWizard ~ A ghostly one at that…

  8. This is perfect–I couldn’t have said it any better myself…


  9. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, BND, and welcome.

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