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What Are You Looking At?

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The Poet Prays to the Loba

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Yes, I’m stalling for time while I wrap up my own scribblings of filth. I find the imagery in this poem stunning. It is from the book She Rises Like The Sun, Invocations of the Goddess by Contemporary American Women Poets. Enjoy.

~ NS


O Lady
the hem of whose garment
is the sky, whose grace
falls from her glance, who gives
life from the touch of one finger
O Lady
whose hair is the willow, whose breath
is the riversong, who lopes
thru the milky way, baying, stars
going out, O
Lady whose deathshead holds a thousand eyes
eye sockets black imploded stars, who trails
frail as a northern virgin on the mist, O
Lady fling your bright drops to us, emblems
of your love, throw
your green scarf on the battered earth once more
O smile, disrobe for us, unveil
your eyes.

~ Diane Di Prima

Show Me Your Genitals!

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This is for a special friend. You know who you are, mate.
~ NS – Clover Nipple Clamps

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clampsI’ve always enjoyed my nipples being played with. I had both nipples pierced to increase the sensitivity of each. So I was excited to receive my first pair of clamps in the mail. But, a fair warning first, the Clover Nipple Clamps are certainly not for the lighthearted. Obviously clamps are designed to inflict pain, there are several kinds out there on the market to do just that on many levels, different degrees. I’d have to say the Clover Clamps are a more extreme version of the type of toy, so I’d advise that caution is used.

Before trying this product, I removed my nipple rings. This is highly recommended to avoid injury. Once this was done, I applied one of the two clamps gingerly. It is also to be noted that the pain or sensation is different even in adjusting the position slightly. When the clamps were squarely on either side of my nipples, the pain was searing. When moved slightly lower than midway, the pain became bearable. I settled on the latter position.

Once both were applied, the sensation changed. I was in pain for a good minute, which turned to a tolerable pain, which then morphed into a pulsing thud. I licked my fingers and feathered over each nipple. I pulled on the chain slightly. I pinched at my nipples, lightly at first, and then with more pressure.

At this point I had the clamps on for a good few minutes and decided to take them off. I believe this is where I enjoyed the product most. Once removed, my nipples became so sensitive it was almost unbearable. The lightest of touches made me wriggle and squirm. I can’t image the intensity of experiencing this coupled with sex. Penetration with light nipple play after removing the clamps would easily send me over the edge.

I definitely plan to use these clamps and experiment with them. I’m also considering trying out another pair for comparison. I’d recommend these clamps to any woman that likes her nipples played with roughly.

Product: Clover Nipple Clamps
Category: Bondage/BDSM
Sex Toys

A nipple clamp is a clamp used to stimulate the nipples by applying varying degrees of pressure. Its basic principle relies on restriction of blood flow to the erect nipple. They are often used in certain BDSM activities, on both men and women. The use of nipple clamps is often portrayed in the media as deviant or kinky sexual behavior.

The main types of nipple clamp are the clover clamp and the tweezer clamp. The common household clothes-pin is also popular. However, any device that can be used to apply direct pressure can be used. For self-use, successful application requires the user to find a personal balance between the amount of pain and pleasure by fine tuning the degree of pressure exerted by the clamp. The clamps are typically used in pairs and connected by a chain.

The full article on nipple clamps and the different types can be found at Wikipedia. The Delrin Cane

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The cane came down on my arse with a crack. I yelped, my cuffed hands pulling on the restraints. The thud hit a second, third, and fourth time, the bloom of exquisite pain flowering on my skin, red welts quickly standing to attention. I begged him to stop, he pleaded for one more strike. Nodding in compliance, he hit me again, and again, and again, the strokes moving further down my arse and onto the tops of my thighs, the smack of skin cracking into the air…

This was my first experience with a cane. At 24 inches in length, the Delrin cane packs quite a punch. The slightly flexible acrylic is sturdy enough to deliver each strike with competitive force time and time again.

Product: Delrin Cane 3/8in x24in
Category: Bondage/BDSM
Sex Toys

‘Impact play’ is the sexual practice where one individual is hit for the sexual gratification of one or both parties. ‘Impact play’ is sometimes referred to as percussion play, corporal punishment or CP. It is considered a form of BDSM. There are a number of activities that qualify as impact play such as paddling, caning, spanking, cropping, flogging, whipping, and slapping.

The type of pain associated with impact play depends on the method used. An instrument such as a cane will produce a sharp sting, whereas a paddle or hand will create more of a broad thud.

A full article on the subject can be found at Wikipedia.


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It would seem that even eight years ago I was filled with many of the same longings I hold today. Something a little different from me. Enjoy.

~ NS

lamp post

The wind softly kisses the curve of my back,
As the moths hover silently under the light.
The street lamps, a luminescent flutter,
Remaining constant with silken dust.

The pavement is normally bathed in white,
Glows in full from the light above.
A warm amber, it stirs none,
I am left wondering where the footsteps have gone.

Filled in my solitude and comfort unknown,
I sit here under my jeweled sky and wonder.
If the same stars I wish upon,
Are winking for you, too.

I see the length of your body cloaked in warmth,
And the darkness that envelopes the day.
Hides our world of distance and torment,
So softly you sleep as I crawl in your head.

If I lived so close as in your head,
What fun I would have when no one was watching!
I’d creep down the length of your back in stealth,
Blowing gentle kisses against your neck and spine.

I’d descend, and to the front I would permit,
Myself to place a kiss on your parted lips.
And linger whilst I savored the silence,
With the sweetness of your mouth.

Still, the moths move in the shimmering light,
The wind caresses and brings me back.
So I sit and wonder if you smile when I smile,
As I do so often when thinking of you.


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So, would you like to tell me about the dirty whore you caned last night?

She was asking for it. I’m sure my coming on her back soothed the sting.

Mmmmmm. I know it did.

I couldn’t have been that mean to her, then. She took it well for a first timer. My jaw tightens when I think about how soft her skin felt under my hand. She tensed with every crack and let out a small, lady-like sigh. I’d like to move quickly with her. Now that she knows the feeling of the cane, I think it is time to blindfold her and bind her hands. I will cane her slowly into a very deep submission, into an all-encompassing surrender.

It sounds like she was in exquisite pain. My stomach turns when I think about the blooming heat of the sting. I think you should put her over your knee, bound and blindfolded, and in between strikes, finger her tight cunt…

Not possible. One hand will be holding the cane, the other will be clenched in her hair. A vibrator slipped into her tight little pussy is the only solution. When her body tightens up or her moans become too loud, I’ll turn it down and crack the cane down hard on her ass. Regardless of that, I think she’ll go over my knee bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Once we’re done with that, I’ll cane the bottoms of her feet until I can feel the heat on her skin. I’ll then make her wear heels the next day…

When will you force your cock down her throat?

When she ceases pleading me to stop and surrenders in my lap, I’ll put her on her knees and slide my cock gently into her mouth and hold her down by her hair. I’ll pull her off, clench her hair tight, and slap her across the mouth, shoving my cock back in, thrusting deeper and deeper down her throat until I finally explode in her mouth…

I’m tender. I have marks on me.

Get used to having them there…