So, would you like to tell me about the dirty whore you caned last night?

She was asking for it. I’m sure my coming on her back soothed the sting.

Mmmmmm. I know it did.

I couldn’t have been that mean to her, then. She took it well for a first timer. My jaw tightens when I think about how soft her skin felt under my hand. She tensed with every crack and let out a small, lady-like sigh. I’d like to move quickly with her. Now that she knows the feeling of the cane, I think it is time to blindfold her and bind her hands. I will cane her slowly into a very deep submission, into an all-encompassing surrender.

It sounds like she was in exquisite pain. My stomach turns when I think about the blooming heat of the sting. I think you should put her over your knee, bound and blindfolded, and in between strikes, finger her tight cunt…

Not possible. One hand will be holding the cane, the other will be clenched in her hair. A vibrator slipped into her tight little pussy is the only solution. When her body tightens up or her moans become too loud, I’ll turn it down and crack the cane down hard on her ass. Regardless of that, I think she’ll go over my knee bound, blindfolded, and gagged. Once we’re done with that, I’ll cane the bottoms of her feet until I can feel the heat on her skin. I’ll then make her wear heels the next day…

When will you force your cock down her throat?

When she ceases pleading me to stop and surrenders in my lap, I’ll put her on her knees and slide my cock gently into her mouth and hold her down by her hair. I’ll pull her off, clench her hair tight, and slap her across the mouth, shoving my cock back in, thrusting deeper and deeper down her throat until I finally explode in her mouth…

I’m tender. I have marks on me.

Get used to having them there…

5 Responses to “Chastened”

  1. CheeseWizard Says:

    Sounds like you got some new toys

  2. Morpheus ~ He can be, yes.

    CheeseWizard ~ Yes, I did! You’ll be hearing more about that shortly…

  3. southerngirl Says:

    Dear…I have been gone for a while but I see you are still as creative as ever. WAY HOT!!! May I add you to my blog roll?

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