It would seem that even eight years ago I was filled with many of the same longings I hold today. Something a little different from me. Enjoy.

~ NS

lamp post

The wind softly kisses the curve of my back,
As the moths hover silently under the light.
The street lamps, a luminescent flutter,
Remaining constant with silken dust.

The pavement is normally bathed in white,
Glows in full from the light above.
A warm amber, it stirs none,
I am left wondering where the footsteps have gone.

Filled in my solitude and comfort unknown,
I sit here under my jeweled sky and wonder.
If the same stars I wish upon,
Are winking for you, too.

I see the length of your body cloaked in warmth,
And the darkness that envelopes the day.
Hides our world of distance and torment,
So softly you sleep as I crawl in your head.

If I lived so close as in your head,
What fun I would have when no one was watching!
I’d creep down the length of your back in stealth,
Blowing gentle kisses against your neck and spine.

I’d descend, and to the front I would permit,
Myself to place a kiss on your parted lips.
And linger whilst I savored the silence,
With the sweetness of your mouth.

Still, the moths move in the shimmering light,
The wind caresses and brings me back.
So I sit and wonder if you smile when I smile,
As I do so often when thinking of you.

9 Responses to “Luminescent”

  1. Beautifully written, I love the emotions in this. Thank you.

    • Sean, thank you for saying so. I really hesitated posting this as it was originally written about 8 years ago. I’m not too confident in my ability to craft poetry just quite yet, so your comment is very much welcomed.

  2. Very nice. Well crafted and beautiful to read.

  3. Enjoyed this poetry, definitely a keeper!

  4. southerngirl Says:

    this resonates…I spend so much time loving my friend from the confines of my head. Beautiful.

  5. Very nice imagery. I’m glad you posted it.

  6. NS, I’m surprised that you hesitated in posting this wonderful poem. I’m not a big fan of petry, however I loved the way that this one is written. The imagery is beautiful, and I love the way that this poem is written. Thanks for posting it.

  7. southerngirl ~ That’s exactly the essence.

    marianne ~ I’m glad, too. Thanks.

    Baggers ~ Why thank you!

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