The Delrin Cane


The cane came down on my arse with a crack. I yelped, my cuffed hands pulling on the restraints. The thud hit a second, third, and fourth time, the bloom of exquisite pain flowering on my skin, red welts quickly standing to attention. I begged him to stop, he pleaded for one more strike. Nodding in compliance, he hit me again, and again, and again, the strokes moving further down my arse and onto the tops of my thighs, the smack of skin cracking into the air…

This was my first experience with a cane. At 24 inches in length, the Delrin cane packs quite a punch. The slightly flexible acrylic is sturdy enough to deliver each strike with competitive force time and time again.

Product: Delrin Cane 3/8in x24in
Category: Bondage/BDSM
Sex Toys

‘Impact play’ is the sexual practice where one individual is hit for the sexual gratification of one or both parties. ‘Impact play’ is sometimes referred to as percussion play, corporal punishment or CP. It is considered a form of BDSM. There are a number of activities that qualify as impact play such as paddling, caning, spanking, cropping, flogging, whipping, and slapping.

The type of pain associated with impact play depends on the method used. An instrument such as a cane will produce a sharp sting, whereas a paddle or hand will create more of a broad thud.

A full article on the subject can be found at Wikipedia.

6 Responses to “ The Delrin Cane”

  1. southerngirl Says:

    Shew girl. I bet it packs a wallop 🙂

  2. That sounds so hot. I cannot wait to try something like that.

  3. southerngirl ~ If you look at the image in ‘Chastened’ you can see the marks from the day before…

    Binks ~ It is very, very steamy indeed. I happen to love my new toy, and being naughty and all, I get to see it regularly…

  4. CheeseWizard Says:

    So what exactly did you do to deserve this??? Just in case I need an excuse for doing it…. ;D

  5. southerngirl Says:

    And I just thought you had a natural pink hue to that fabulous ass of yours (jealous!!!)

  6. CheeseWizard ~ As I told you, all I did was open the box…

    southerngirl ~ No need to be jealous. My arse is actually white and flat…

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