The Poet Prays to the Loba

Yes, I’m stalling for time while I wrap up my own scribblings of filth. I find the imagery in this poem stunning. It is from the book She Rises Like The Sun, Invocations of the Goddess by Contemporary American Women Poets. Enjoy.

~ NS


O Lady
the hem of whose garment
is the sky, whose grace
falls from her glance, who gives
life from the touch of one finger
O Lady
whose hair is the willow, whose breath
is the riversong, who lopes
thru the milky way, baying, stars
going out, O
Lady whose deathshead holds a thousand eyes
eye sockets black imploded stars, who trails
frail as a northern virgin on the mist, O
Lady fling your bright drops to us, emblems
of your love, throw
your green scarf on the battered earth once more
O smile, disrobe for us, unveil
your eyes.

~ Diane Di Prima

2 Responses to “The Poet Prays to the Loba”

  1. The entire magnum-opus book length poem is absolutely stunning. It rewards rereading, grows with you over time – utterly amazing, and what literature exists to do.

  2. Lookout Mama ~ With that fine endorsement, I’ll be sure to check it out. Thanks!

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