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The Sun Rising

Posted in Erotica on January 11, 2009 by naughtysecretary

I watch their silhouettes twist and turn in the dark, the pulse of the song spearing through the club air. Three frames lit up by the flashes from light above, moving as one, their flurry segmented under the strobes. I sit in the shadows, my gaze crossing the dance floor, and I watch, my focus crystal clear and my senses burning alive with the spectacle before me.

I feel his hands on me, hers from behind. I close my eyes and relish the sensation of the thumping bass moving through me, their palms and fingers moving over my skin slowly as I waiver from here to somewhere else. I open my eyes, my hips surging with the beat, the crisp lyrics bouncing all around me. He kisses me in the dark, his hands holding hers in place over my rear, squeezing, kneading my flesh, his tongue exploring my mouth as she nuzzles the back of my neck. I can feel his cock pressing against my leg, her warm mound pressing against my lower back. I quiver along with the notes.

I watch the redhead in the midst of them, sandwiched between both of their heat, and I feel an instant zing surge down the length of my cock at the sight. I rub and squeeze the head through my pants as I take a sip of my drink, the electric combination of desire and alcohol swilling within me. I want her, the greed of their epicenter, the fiery vixen beckoning each of them with her body. Wanton whore. I feel the moisture of my palms press against the glass as I take another sip, my eyes automatically peeling her from the black slip that clings to her body, my mouth immediately replacing any flimsy material in my mind’s eye. My gaze refuses to shift from the trio, and I smile when I catch a glimpse of her own, the enjoyment painted on her ruby lips, the flush of her cheeks, the twinkle in her eye. I’m spellbound, drinking in how she is embedded in the moment, fully drunk on lust.

I turn slowly, my arms snaking around me as I gyrate my hips and rub my arse all over the thick bulge in Billy’s pants until I am facing Rose. I run my hands through her silken hair, down the smooth sides of her face, my fingers trailing over her lips. His hands rub over my thighs with urgency from behind. She slips my finger in her mouth and I sigh, flashes of her tonguing my hot cunt whip before my eyes. I shudder and greedily pull her towards me, kissing her beautiful mouth hard, my tongue finding hers, hungry, waiting. He slides his own fingers over the thin material of my dress, down further until he is lightly cupping the heat of my pussy, his other hand firmly on my hip as he dances. I rub and pinch at her nipples, my own hands traveling under her skirt to find the round of her bare ivory arse. She sighs above the music when I slip my finger into her wetness, biting her slender neck as I plunge into her sodden pussy. She’s exquisitely burning alive and wet, waiting for more.

The music fades and they slow to talk, the redhead’s hands on both of them. My balls ache in my seat, the heaviness of my cock thuds against my leg. I squeeze my cock again through my pants, milking a drop of pre-cum onto my leg. I’m desperate to see more, the voyeur in me wanting witness to their next moves, the feast of flesh. Suddenly, they turn, and arm in arm they head for the exit. Panic rises within me, and I fumble as I quickly scurry for my wallet. I pull out a bill and leave it at my table to accompany my unfinished drink. I watch them leave, pick up my jacket to cover my unrelenting erection, and follow in their direction. The new morning sunlight streams in through the exit door, a beam of gold, warm and soft. I squint as I step out into the street to find them waiting. The three turn in unison to look at me.

He exits a few feet from us, his stare immediately meeting ours. I had noticed him watching inside, his eyes never leaving us from the shadows. I smile at him and he smiles back, wearing an amused grin. With a few strides he is in front of me, and I’m surprised by his forwardness, but buzzed enough not to care. His voice is warm, low, and by now I am thoroughly intrigued.

“I loved what I saw in there.” He extends his hand. “My name is Nate.”

I take his hand, my own feeling small in his palm. His fingers wrap around mine. “My name is B, very nice to meet you.”

He continues to stare at me, his face full of questions. “I’m going to be perfectly blunt with you, the way you move is breathtaking. Is there any way I can see more?” His hazel eyes are mesmerizing.

For a moment I’m not sure I’ve heard him correctly, and it takes my brain a few seconds to register. I look to my left and then my right, and both Billy and Rose smile, confirming his query. I look at the handsome stranger, he exudes charm and confidence. I’m achy and wet, and before I know it the words have tumbled out of my mouth and beyond my reach.

“Why don’t you join us, then? The sun is rising.”

Need a fix? Sugasm #156.

Posted in Erotica with tags on January 10, 2009 by naughtysecretary

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The Azalea Party

Posted in Erotica on January 9, 2009 by naughtysecretary


The party is already in full swing. I make my way up the path and inside towards the kitchen to find a place to rest the platter I have brought with me. I am met with mostly familiar faces, the hosts cutting through the crowd towards me, the azaleas splashing the backyard with shades of pink, magenta and white behind them.

“You’re late,” Darryl exclaims and hugs me tightly. Mike kisses me and whispers “He’s drunk.” I can tell the younger half of the duo is tipsy. I laugh at the pair.

“Well, it’s a good thing I bought some wine then, isn’t it?” I hand the bottle to Mike. His face has a boyish charm to it, his blue eyes shine. Although very much gay and in love with Darryl, he once drunkenly confessed to me that he was curious about women. He was known to be shy, but certainly wasn’t around me, or subsequently when he had consumed a few cocktails. It was time to forage for some wine glasses and keep the buzz afloat. I stop to talk to David, my neighbor from four doors down.

“You finally made it,” he smiles at me in his own sly way. We had recently become fast friends, and he had spent many a night under the stars in my backyard drinking and talking with me. His hobby was brewing his own beer, and he was damn good at it.

“Come on, you know me, I am never on time. You waiting for the life of the party to get here?” I bat my eyes at him.

“You betcha!” His face is beet red.

I chuckle at him. I enjoy his company thoroughly, and I think my openness frees him to be a little boisterous with me on occasion.  I turn to survey the people around me, scanning the crowd and drinking in the scene before me. I spy the unfamiliar face staring back at me, his hair unruly, his lips almost in a pout, full and pink. His blue eyes peer at me from behind thin metal frames. Stunned, I blink at the stranger a few times, and with my pause, his smile crosses the distance of the room. Caught off guard, I turn back to David. He takes one look at my face and bursts into laughter.

“You’re a bastard, shut up.” I can feel the heat blooming in my cheeks. This only brings on more laughter from him.

“How is it that trouble manages to follow you everywhere you go?” He’s looking at me, his own crimson shade plastered all over his face.

“How is it that you’re always chomping at the bit to hang out with me?” I stare defiantly at him, my lips pressed in a half-smile. He says nothing but is still giggling under his breath at me. I look back, and the unfamiliar face is gone.

“Who was that?” I’m riddled by curiosity at the young man staring at me.

“Your next meal?” He chortles.

“I think I am going to smack you now.” He throws his head back and laughs raucously. I can’t help but laugh myself at his cheek. His happiness is contagious, he loves to make me squirm.

“Evidently you’ve been enjoying your home brew.” I nod towards his half empty glass.

“Evidently. Would you like some?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”

He fetches a pint glass and I watch amber bubbles rise and sparkle to the surface. The cold liquid slips into my mouth, the slightest hint of banana dancing on my tongue.

“Yum. Thank you.”

“You are welcome.”

“Hey, I’m going to try and find Krista, I spied her as I walked in. I’ll be back.” I wink at him before I turn to walk out of the kitchen, not realizing that the stranger has planted himself behind me without my knowledge. He’s standing directly in my path as I pivot, my glass hitting his, and a spray of beer sent into the air. I involuntarily yelp and take a step back. It takes a few seconds for me to realize what has taken place, and once I do, I throw my head back and laugh loudly. He’s clearly entertained by my lack of grace. Upon closer inspection, he looks like a small boy, impish. Almost pretty in a way, cherubic. He extends his hand, still laughing at me.

“Hello, I’m Brian. Pleased to meet you. What an introduction!”

“Hello Brian, nice to meet you.” I’m smiling at him, the warmth of his palm still pressed snugly around mine. He hasn’t let go. I look directly at him, his friendliness shining from his cerulean eyes. The flush in my cheeks returns, and I immediately feel the zing of desire stir in my belly.

“You know, there are easier ways to see me in a wet t-shirt than that.” I flash him my signature grin. He laughs loudly and beams at me with a naughty flash of his own, his voice dancing over the heads of the crowd.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” His eyes have not left mine, my palm still rests in his.

“Do you live in the neighborhood?” Were standing in the middle of the bustling kitchen, oblivious to the noise or movement around us.

He laughs at me and leans in close, so close I can smell his aftershave. “Four doors down from you, actually, on the other side…” His whisper sends a tingle down my spine and over my skin.

Oh boy, said the all-knowing voice in my head…oh boy.

To be continued…