Happy Birthday Dexter!

Happy Birthday Michael C. Hall! I adore the show Dexter. And yes, I’m messed up, I find the concept of a vigilante serial killer so damn hot! Whew…


6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dexter!”

  1. i so do love that serial, waiting for season3

  2. This is my absolutely fav show. But I’m twisted too. Hot!

  3. I seem to keep recommending books here. *laugh* But the source material for the series is good stuff.

    (I see I gave the url for my recipe site last time, too. *laugh* Try this one instead, and the universe suddenly makes slightly more sense.)

  4. Naveed ~ It’s a great series, from concept through creation.

    dominadoll ~ Two twisted peas in a pod it is!

    Lookout Mama
    ~ Your suggestions are always welcome. Thank you! And no worries. I’m a self-confessed baloney head. 🙂

  5. Since the Sopranos went off its the best show on TV.

  6. It is most definitely up there in my top picks, sage

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