Yes, Sir.

This is for the beautiful Miss Lilly who tolerates me hassling her daily. Enjoy!

~ NS

I asked her if she understood the rules, her compliance shown through a swift response of “Yes, Sir.” She was about to receive her rebuke for her surliness from the previous day.

You are not to come until I say so. Do you understand?


Yes what?

Yes, Sir.

And you have extra batteries as I requested?

Yes, Sir.

Good girl. Slip the bullet into your cunt and turn it on to the lowest setting.

I tossed around the concept of not letting her come at all, settling on the idea of just letting the day play out. Her mouth would get her in trouble eventually, it always did. Some days I knew she was purposely sassy with me, for she was a whore after all, and enjoyed the reprimand. She had no idea what she was walking into, and about an hour into the day I could feel her angst biting through the screen. She was completely unaware of the treat I had in store for her.

Are you wet? Tell me how wet you are.

Oh my God my thong is drenched, sodden. May I come, Sir?


The delay in her response after that was enough to tell me what I needed to know. She was tortured, and about to step into the trap.

Why not?

Why not? Who are you to question me? Your little mouth just earned you extra time. I’m going to pick up lunch. Turn the bullet up to half way. If you come while I’m gone, we are done for today. I’ll be back. Do you understand?

Yes, Sir.

Images of her flashed before me as I exited my building and stepped into my car. My cock stretched and strained against my leg as I thought about how wet she’d have to be, how achy that tight cunt of hers must have been. I had never wanted a woman as much as I wanted her. She brought out my dominance at the drop of a hat. Her naked form flashed before my eyes, her bountiful breasts swinging to and fro as the imaginary me fucked her hard from behind. I returned to the office to another of her desperate requests.

May I come, Sir?

This time I allowed her first climax. I had teased her for almost three hours, and commanded her to take a photograph of her wet pussy. The image on the screen burned into my brain as my cock throbbed for attention. I requested she turn the bullet back down to the lowest setting and continue working. The thought of her sitting in an office simmering, surrounded by people, was enough for me to clear my workload fast so I could focus on her pleasure for the rest if the day. With a few phone calls and an email, my schedule was quickly emptied. I granted her second climax after much begging.

Thank you, Sir.

It was after her third climax that I jumped in the car and decided to call her. I could hear the alarm splashed with giddiness in her voice. I continued to squeeze the thickness of my shaft through my pants as I drove. It was after five and I had kept her late at the office for a reason.

“Has the office cleared out?” I parked, stepped out, and walked through the rotating glass door to the elevators.

“Yes.” I could hear her falter a little, like a question mark hanging over her head. She was smart though. She knew better than to ask why.

“Good. I want you to close your office door, slip your thong off, and lean back in your chair. Place the bullet on your clitoris and wait for my call, understand? Don’t you dare come, either.” I could hear her confirmation through a series of muffled moans as I snapped my phone shut, and I couldn’t help but smile at my plan. I wasn’t going to call, I was already at her office riding the elevator to the third level. Stepping out, I made my way quietly to the corner suite, my eyes darting about searching for any movement. We were alone, the adrenalin surging through every part of me as I opened the suite door.

Her yelp punctuated the air as fast as the door closed behind me. Within seconds, I crossed the length of the room, her bullet hitting the plush carpet with a thud. I immediately unbuckled my belt, looping it around her neck. She tried to talk, stammering, spluttering away, but my eyes warned otherwise. I unzipped my pants and pulled on the belt, forcing her to bend and take my hard cock all the way into her mouth as I simultaneously plunged two fingers into her dripping cunt.

“Now is not the time for words.” I watched her hungry mouth take me, back and forth, back and forth, her silken lips feeling glorious as her tongue feathered over my taut skin. It was all I could do to not come then and there. I released the belt, pushed her back, forcing myself between her legs. I kissed her hard on the mouth as my cock slid into her heat for the first time, her hips thrusting forward, legs wrapping around me. I wasn’t going to last at this pace, and I finally had a taste of the torment I had been dishing out all day. I could feel every part of her pressed to me, her soft skin, her warm lips on my neck. The scent of her long locks filled my nostrils as my pace quickened, my hands lifting her arse towards me. I fucked her long and hard until I could no longer hold out, my cock withdrawn and come spurting all over her face, blouse and skirt. Finally, heaving and spent, I kissed her deeply before nibbling on her bottom lip. Looking at her, I couldn’t help but smile, a chuckle escaping my lips as I untangled myself and rose. She was a beautiful mess.

“Good day at the office?” I threw my head back and let out a belly laugh and she joined me.

“Yes, Sir.”

13 Responses to “Yes, Sir.”

  1. Quite delicious 🙂
    I feel honored to be the recipient of this, as you know how much I admire your writing. And shush, you do not hassle me, lol!

  2. Lovely, I greatly enjoyed reading this – thanks!

  3. piecesofjade Says:

    Hot! I love reading a story from the “other” POV occasionally.

  4. Lilly ~ You are more than welcome, and maybe I should try harder… 😉

    Sean ~ The pleasure was all mine.

    piecesofjade ~ I’m glad you enjoyed the piece, and I love the challenge of writing from the male perspective. I’m sure this wont be the last.

  5. baggers123 Says:

    NS, wondeful piece of writing as usual 😉 One of my fantasies is a flip of this, where I am the guy being tormented and teased, possibly another story idea 😉

  6. southerngirl Says:

    A bit of torture…very hot post NS!

  7. Wait, what? You can generate a cock and dominate someone on demand? You are the best online author ever!

  8. Nice point of view — I enjoyed this very much. And I love “beautiful mess” as it says so much in only two words.

  9. baggers123 ~ Thank you, and yes, I’m always open to new ideas.

    southerngirl ~ Thank you m’lady.

    huh? ~ Your comment made me laugh, not an unusual reaction given I know who you are. Tee hee, cheeky bugger.

    thedirtyblonde ~ I’m glad you think so. And yes, I agree with the phrase you mentioned, those two words say it all.

  10. This post has left me with a big smile on my face …… nice one, NS!

  11. It is always my pleasure to entice a smile, sensuelle.

  12. You wonderfully perverted, silken-tongued switch of a scribe. Your words are at once concise and penetratingly perceptive.

    And most arousing, of course.

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