– The Tickler


I slipped the glass over my finger, and kneeling on the bed, I began to rub the small ridges slowly over my clitoris. The feeling of cool against the heat of my cunt was exquisite, the pleasure quickly mounting in my body as I began to rock back and forth, back and forth. It wasn’t long before I was climaxing, my own slipperiness coating the slick surface as I gasped in delight…

Looking at the The Tickler, you wouldn’t think there’s much to it, and perhaps wonder what all the fuss is about. It slips over your finger (I used my index), much like a glove would, and has multiple bumps along one side for stimulation. I will warn you, one thing I have learned doing these reviews is to not underestimate a toy because of its size, simplistic look, or cheaper price. In my experience, these toys are usually the ones that receive most of my attention, as this product did.

The Tickler is made of glass which makes it very easy to clean. It is lightweight, but thick and sturdy enough to be made well, safety not being an issue. One size fits most as it stands at 1 inch in width and 3 inches in length. I simply love the versatility of this toy. Both men and women can use it, internally and externally. It can be used over any erogenous part of your body, such as a breast or nipple. Like any glass product, it can be warmed up or cooled down for added sensation. It is completely waterproof, and its size makes it very discreet.

Now, given the low price, the low maintenance, and all of the advantages mentioned above, why wouldn’t you take a peek at this little bad boy? I promise you it is worth your time, it certainly was worth mine.

Product: The Tickler
Category: Dildos
Sex Toys

3 Responses to “ – The Tickler”

  1. Very interesting toy. I am amazed with the stuff that manufacturers dream up!

  2. So what do I get to do if you have this terrific little toy to satisfy you? 😉

  3. dominadoll ~ I completely agree!

    Unbroken ~ I’m assuming you have a cock, and that is all you really need… 😉 Nothing replaces warm, smooth flesh…

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