Did you feel the sting blooming when my hand cracked down on your ass last night? You fuck desperately when I pull your hair from behind.

Really? You want to play like that? I like that your cock is going to be hard all day thinking about me waiting in bed wearing lingerie when you get home.

Yes, I am thinking about your legs in stockings pressed against my chest while I thrust deeper and deeper into you. And, in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about tying your hands behind your back, putting you face down on the bed, and making you fuck back on a dildo I’m holding in my hands. At the rate you’re going, I’ll cane your ass so red you won’t be able to tell it from your suspenders…


It would be a shame to waste that nylon rope I bought. I want to spread your legs with a spreader bar, bind your hands behind your back, and gag you while I hold the bullet between your legs and torture you until you come. I’ll put you in front of a mirror and sit behind you so you can watch me stroke myself. That could be bad. I might just come into your thong and shove it in your mouth.

You know I love your come all over me any way I can get it.

I know you do. Even when I come on my finger and slide it into your ass. I would love to tie you to a chair and tear your clothes from you slowly…

I think I’m in trouble when you get home.

What makes you say that?

I can hear your growl from here.

I want to tease you until your pussy aches and your throat is sore from begging for my cock. I am going to hold you inches from orgasm for what will feel like an eternity…

Oh my God. See?

Yes. And I bet you can’t wait.

I’m incredibly wet already.

Nothing gets you more wet than when my hand smacks down on you. The fact that it pleasures you only makes me grit my teeth harder when I think about it…

6 Responses to “Play”

  1. I can see myself being on either end of that, and enjoying it

  2. Holy God that is hot. Given the proper guy, I would totally be on the receiving end of that. Mmmmm.

  3. Lilly, I know which end I’ll be on first, lets just say that…

    He is a terribly delicious man to live with Samara. Mmmmm indeed…

  4. *raises hand* ohh pick me…pick me, I wanna play!

  5. It certainly sounds like it! Mmmmmm! You are a lucky one indeed!!

  6. southerngirl ~ You get extra points for enthusiasm…

    samara ~ I am lucky, I’ve finally found my match.

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