The Conduit


I thought about the taste of her sweet pussy as I shuddered in bed today. Yes, your wife, the one you’ve taunted me with time and time again. With her legs about my shoulders and her hands in my hair, I thought about licking her to a quivering mess while you fucked me deeply from behind…

Me, the conduit of duel pleasure? Oh, how I’d jump at the chance.

I want to watch you fuck her, the union of husband and wife over me, with me. Take her tight cunt from behind and look into my eyes as you fuck her slowly, deliberately, her beautiful smooth body pressed between the two of us. Hear her moans and gasps as I feather my fingertips so lightly over her engorged clitoris, exploring her wet slit as you plummet into her, my hands running over your balls from underneath as you take her, own her, mark her flesh as yours…

I think we should kneel under the hot spray of the shower, kissing, fondling, licking each other while you take yourself in hand, rock hard at the sight of us slippery and wet. Your taut skin passing both of our lips in unison, tongues dancing, swirling, sucking at your cock, lapping at each other while we service you. Do you know how much I want that, ache for that, long for that to happen? Imagine our locks, wet and tangled, each tightly clenched in your hands, our moans rising with the steam as your come spurts over both our faces, cheeks, and lips, our hungry mouths open, ready, greedy…

Can I taste her on your cock? Slip it into my mouth after you’ve caressed her pussy into climax. Will you permit me to lick and suck at her silken labia, paint a path all over her mound as you come within her? I want to hold her legs back as you fuck her depths and make her scream for reprieve. Watch me lick at her mouth and plant kisses on her cheeks, her eyelids, her jawline, her slender neck as you bite down hard on her shoulder, our mouths meeting, your heat swelling within her, engulfing her, swallowing her whole as I fuck every part of her with my lascivious tongue…

I want her as much as I want you. I want to dip her into bliss whilst I intoduce you to ecstasy. Will you let me be the conduit of your married pleasure?

17 Responses to “The Conduit”

  1. southerngirl Says:

    Oh me…goodness! This…THIS is why there is only one Naughty Sec baby!!!

  2. Oooooh! Terrific post!

  3. Hot! Makes me remember…makes me yearn to be there again…nice. Thank you.


  4. Oh yes – this will be great! Now I just have to talk my wife into it…

    Is it a problem if I come by myself?

  5. Cheese Wizard Says:

    I’m thinking about astro physics right now. πŸ˜‰

  6. Kimberly ~ Welcome, and thank you.

    Jade ~ You are more than welcome.

    Unbroken ~ I come by myself frequently… πŸ˜‰

    Cheese Wizard ~ Yeah, sure you are. Next you’ll try to sell me the idea that you are having pure thoughts every time you grab my arse. πŸ˜‰

  7. Cheese Wizard Says:

    my roommates were present! Sometimes I have to control myself!

  8. i remember wanting this. exactly this…

  9. can you arrange a meeting naughty secretary … maybe bring a few friends too …. phew.

  10. Cheese Wizard ~ Yeah yeah yeah…

    b ~ I seem to recall that very clearly…whew…

    ukroadrunner ~ I can arrange a meeting, I’m a secretary after all. Get it, get it? I’m glad you enjoyed the piece so much that I’m getting invitations from you already…

  11. @ Naughty Secretary – oh i get it – trust me! perhaps you should pop into my office for a while and we can go over all the details ….. ?

    RR x

  12. RR, nothing like good dictation really, especially when bent over a desk wearing a low cut blouse…

  13. why don’t you step a bit closer NS so I can get a proper look?

  14. mmmm … can i touch ?

  15. If you’re brave enough to ask, sure… πŸ˜‰

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