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Remote Control Vibrating Panty Giveaway

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I was lucky enough to be sent the Remote Control Vibrating Panty to review, and was incredibly excited when I received the item. I mean, let’s consider the concept for a second. Underwear that gives you orgasms? Who wouldn’t want a pair?

The panty itself is made from a soft fabric which is surprisingly comfortable and reasonably snug. It is powered by two AA batteries. The remote control is powered by a 12V battery (both included in the set). It can be used up to 20 feet in range.

I thoroughly enjoyed my playtime with the panty. The bullet was strong enough to deliver me two heady orgasms rather quickly. I can only imagine the fun that could be had using it with a partner and venturing out in public.

The good news is that I was accidentally sent an extra Remote Control Vibrating Panty from So I have decided to have a giveaway. Leave me a racy comment based around the panty. I’ll decide which one is naughtiest within a week and notify the winner. Deal?

Product: Remote Control Vibrating Panty
Category: Lingerie
Sex Toys

  • Please note that the Remote Control Vibrating Panty I am giving away has *not* been used. While I love to share, my bodily fluids remain that – mine.

Sweet and Sour

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I started this over a year ago when a friend gave me the nickname “Sweet-n-Sour,” and upon revisiting the piece, I thought it worth completion. Enjoy!
~ NS

I could hear her crashing about upstairs. Thudding, furniture moving, her wail ranging in pitch. I could make out the odd expletive or two. My, you have a foul mouth, I thought to myself. To look at her, you’d never guess her ability to behave like such a banshee. But it was there all right, simmering under the surface, and it didn’t take much for that side of her to free itself and morph her into the monster that was thrashing about above.

I should have known better. I was well aware that she had experienced a rough day at work, the razor tone in her voice blatantly obvious over the phone when I had called to check in on her earlier. She had come home, and in pouty silence thrown her bag on the counter. I knew what that meant. Trouble, that’s what. Dodging a question not 5 minutes before, my flippant remark had sent her over the edge, the precipice she’d been teetering on all day finally giving way. She had stormed upstairs and started to scream.

And now what? One thoughtless remark, and it was time to battle. It was unfair, but very much my reality. The price to pay for being with such a sweet and sour woman. She was polar opposites at times; loving, sweet, kind and gentle on a good day, her happiness shining in her eyes, her laugh filling the house. But on a bad day? I couldn’t believe the acid that came spewing from her mouth, the glint of hate dancing on her face. It was like being with two women, and she could very quickly travel from one extreme to the other at the drop of a hat. Impossible to deal with, irresistible in the next breath. I wanted to keep my distance and equally hold her tight.

Was it that time of the month? As soon as the thought enters my mind, I chase it away with a chuckle. I had once been careless enough to ask her, and had honestly feared for the safety of my testes at her response. The lingering memory leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I was stupid at times, but not that stupid. Lesson learnt.

Time to put myself in the eye of her fury, only the bedroom door slams shut above, a hint of what’s to come. I slowly walk upstairs, open the door and enter the room, an explosion of clothes covering the hard wood floors. She’s digging frantically in the armoire head first, her small frame silhouetted by the veneer of a blue robe. She snaps her head around and fires a look at me.

“What?” Her eyes sparkle with emerald stubbornness. The flame in her hair clashes brilliantly against the thin material covering her body. My eyes drop to the cream of her calves and my cock twitches at the sight.

“Why do you have to be like this, B?” I look at her, watch her withdraw carefully from the armoire and cross her arms over her chest. Another flash of defiance, only this time it’s painted clearly all over her face. I’ve just bumped her rage. I could say “You’re the sexiest woman alive,” and right now she’d jump at the chance to tear me apart. There’s no pleasing her, certainly not now.

“Like what?!?” she hisses at me. “Pissed that you can’t answer a simple question in a straight forward fashion? Pissed that I’ve had an awful day, and you’re a selfish bastard that can’t give that a thought? Or wait…Pissed that the kitchen is a mess because you’ve been at home all day, slothing about…Maybe that has something to do with it? I don’t care, pick one of them, pick all. You piss me off, period.”

Liquid green eyes. I’ll never forget the first time I looked into them. Caught, spellbound in their cat-like beauty. Even now, filled with rage, she’s striking, alive, on heat. I look at her perfectly shaped lips and wonder how it’s possible for such cutting barbs to pass their rosy beds. I can feel anger starting to swirl in my own belly at her malevolence.

“God you are a viper. How about you tone down the venom along with the forked-tongue comments? Is there no respite?” My lack of patience is evident in the harsh edge of my own voice. I can feel my blood starting to boil at her tantrum. I have also suffered a trying day at work, and am spent, exhausted. Perhaps it’s best to go back downstairs and resume with work. I turn for the door.

“Why don’t you fuck off then,” I hear the whisper, and at first I can’t believe what I’ve heard and stop in my tracks. That’s all I need. I pivot, and walk back into the room with long strides. She watches my fast approach and recoils further into the corner.

“What did you say?” I bark at her, and she darts out towards the door. I echo her move, and am directly facing her, her back to the bed. She’s quiet, her eyes big. No response.

I step closer, slowly inching my face towards hers. I lean in, looking at her lips, and her hand immediately strikes out. I catch it just an inch from my face.

“Remember the last time you slapped me? What happened? I seem to recall you ended up on the bed face down, rubbing your clit as I fucked you from behind, my two fingers fucking your tight little arse and you screaming orgasms into the pillow. Is this your way of asking for seconds?” I smile maliciously.

Her jaw drops in genuine disbelief as I temporarily disarm her. I take the opportunity, and with a slight push on her right shoulder, she’s off balance and flailing back on the bed, robe fluttering open, her milky breasts bouncing with the spill. Her squeal fills the air as she lands with a soft thud onto the plush comforter, her nakedness unsheathed.


Within seconds my mouth is on her, slithering up her belly, between her breasts and onto her neck. I don’t care if she hits me now, beats me because I’ve just taken what I wanted. Surprisingly she’s still, stuck in awe that the tables have turned so quickly. My body pins her down, pushes the air from her. She tries to wriggle free, and when I bite down into her neck, she yelps loudly.

“Stay still, and you wont get hurt. Got it?”

I don’t wait for a response and lick all over her neck. She grabs at her robe in an attempt to cover herself, and my hand rips at the fabric, down over her shoulder and away from her body. I grab at her left breast, my tongue circling over her nipple. She shudders when I bite down, her body softening with the attention I’m giving her with my greedy mouth. Betrayal. I stop and look at her.

“Kiss me.”

“No.” She turns her head and looks to the right, wriggling defiantly under me to free herself once again. I let out a half laugh.

“I said, kiss me.” I grab her jaw, pulling her towards me as I reach behind, my fingers twisting in her hair at the nape of her neck. I fasten my grip and pull, her head tilting back, lips parting. She starts to protest and I plunge my tongue straight into the warmth of her mouth. My cock surges in my pants as I sink my fingers into her wetness. She moans and her legs involuntarily open further.

“Look at you, you fucking whore. Even now, you’re ready for me.” I withdraw my fingers from her and shove them in her mouth. She sucks on them greedily as my other hand unzips my pants to free my bulging erection. I slip between her legs and straight into her waiting heat in one fluid stroke. She throws her head back as her legs splay completely, her claws digging deeply into my flesh. I thrust further into her and she moans loudly, my cock taking up all of her beautiful cunt. I fuck her with long deep strokes, my hands caressing her shoulders, her cheeks, her hard nipples. Within seconds she is fucking back, a glow dancing all over her pale skin, her ruby lips parting as she arches her back.

The sudden smack of my hand connecting with her cheek is chased quickly by her loud yelp. She looks at me with alarm, and then her face is quickly overtaken with lust, and I know exactly what the next words out of her mouth with be. She’s malleable, and I could play her any which way I wanted. Her vinegar had brought out the beast in me.

“Hit me again.”

I crash my palm against her cheek a second time and she moans loudly, my cock thrusting forward. I slap her firmly a third time on the other side of her face.

“Oh God yes!”

Panting. I’m fucking her harder now, faster. My cock pistons into her. I hit her again.

“Oh my God please fuck me and come in me!”

Her nails rake over my back as she begs. I can feel her arousal coating me, slipping over me, soaking me with every stroke. I’m on the edge of orgasm myself, each of her pleas of lust sending an electrical current zinging throughout my body. She’s wet, so fucking wet, that I slide in and out of her seamlessly. I kiss her fully on the mouth as I pinch her nipples, and I can feel her climax start to shower down around my shaft as she tightens over me. She’s moaning, gasping, begging me to come when my own orgasm hits, the ripple of pleasure rushing through my balls and into my stomach as I explode deeply into her. My own long moan joins the chorus of her noise as I shudder over her repeatedly.

Finally, I roll over and slump back on the bed. It takes us a good few minutes to recover, and breathless, I look over to find her smiling at me in triumph from under the sheets. She’s beaming, and I smile back at her, pulling her close to me. She’s wearing her post coital bliss well.

No more sour. She was sweet, once again.

Music for Monday – Sweet Harmony, The Beloved.

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Smack and Run – Sugasm #161

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Ooooh looky loo! Thanks to all who voted for me and my new partner in crime!
~ NS

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #162? Submit a link to your best post of the week by emailing me directly at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
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“A wave of lust coursed through her body at his words”

“What’s this? Evidence of pleasure?”

Secret signals
“I will adore him for it”

Sugasm Editor
Not An Overnight

Editor’s Choice
The Ghost of Abuse

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Dirty Talk

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Talk dirty to you?

Like sneaking up behind you and sliding my hand up your skirt, past the tops of your stockings, and inside of your thong? How about my hand clenching slowly around your neck as I switch on the bullet? Once you get just close enough to coming, when your lips go red and your back arches, I’ll tear you out of that chair by your hair and slide my cock straight down your throat and fuck you like that until you swallow every last drop of me.

Is that dirty?

Maybe binding your hands, knees, and ankles with some white nylon rope and putting a gag in your mouth is dirty enough? Once you’re firmly in place, I’ll put a tie in your hair so that any sudden head movements will cause a hair pull. With that set up, I’ll gently rub you down with oil from your neck down the backs of your thighs, all the way down to the bind around your knees. On the way back up, I’ll slide one, then two, and then three fingers into your tight little ass, and then pump you full of my come with my hard cock.

Dirty enough?

Or should I slide the anal vibe into your ass while I lick gently along your pussy, getting hard at the smooth, soft skin and how it feels freshly bare beneath my tongue. You’ll start to shudder and pull your own hair eventually, at which point I’ll switch the bullet on and slide it around the edge of your clitoris and trace my tongue along your nipples. You can beg until your voice gives out…

Actually, I’m going to bind you prostrate. Bent over your bent knees, bound with white rope over your black stockings and beneath your pulled up skirt. I’ll bind your hands above your head and once the final knot is tied, I’ll pull your hair back and your head with it. I’m going to slide a dildo into your mouth and you will have hell to pay should I hear it hit the floor. Keep it in your fucking mouth. Keep it in your fucking mouth while I tear off your shirt. Keep it in your mouth each time you feel the cane crack onto your tight ass. Keep it in your mouth while I slide a vibrator into your wet, smooth pussy. I’ll turn it up slowly, bit by bit after each time you take the cane. Again and again.

Should you moan too loud when I slip my hard, hot cock into you and drop the dildo, I’ll come around to the side of the bed, pull your hair back, and slide my cock the whole way into your throat, holding your nose, turning the vibrator up to full speed. I’ll rub my hand from the crack of your ass to your neck while you just barely keep from choking on me. You have such soft, luscious red hair. And since you couldn’t keep a fucking dildo in your mouth while I beat you without mercy, I’m going to come in your torn shirt and wipe it all over your back, thighs, and if there’s any left, you can either lick it off or I’ll wipe it on your face…

Do you really want me to talk dirty to you?

The Balance of Power

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I was beyond flattered when fellow blogger E.B. Addis asked me to write a piece together. He’s an incredibly talented writer, and the pairing was my complete pleasure. I hope you enjoy The Balance of Power, and please, take a look at his work.
~ NS

Miranda looked Jules in the eye and pushed her arse up against her tied slut’s face. Leaning forward with one hand on the big leather couch, she reached back and held the woman’s hair, her hips rotating and grinding. Her face was losing composure, but her command was clear.

“Mmm, that’s it, pretty pet, now lick my arse.”

A truly submissive moan of helpless arousal came from Adrienne as she lovingly bent to the task of pleasing her mistress. The feel of the stranger’s penetrating gaze upon her trashy behavior left her feeling completely exposed and vulnerable, her sweaty body twisting against her bonds as she trailed the tip of her tongue over the sensitive little bud before her.

Jules sat opposite the women whilst he quietly nursed his drink. Miranda was certainly proving to be a creature with intriguing qualities. She had trained her pet well, and was clearly as turned on by exercising her power as the sensations of that agile tongue. All the while she watched his face and felt his eyes on her. He watched her beautiful bosom heave as she moved, barely restrained by her bra. She saw his eyes travel to her rump, and she rolled her hips for him, pulling hard on Adrienne’s hair as she looked back over her shoulder. It had taken just a few challenging words for Miranda to end up here, within the spectacle before him. Perhaps I should try that more often, he smiled to himself, then corrected the thought. Miranda wasn’t your everyday woman, and the lascivious words he had whispered to her during their meeting would probably fetch him a slap with any other female, and rightly so. She brought out something predatory in him.

“Deeper, whore,” Miranda demanded, meeting his eyes and allowing herself a moan at the look of lust and admiration she saw there. As Jules watched her assertively use her tied companion, her formidable level of lust was clearly visible just under the surface, and he began to imagine that seeing her hit her own limits would be quite a thrilling prospect.

While Adrienne strained against the ropes that held her in the heavy oaken chair, tongue circling, sucking at her tender skin, Miranda pondered how they had come to this situation so quickly. Why did she feel such an intense need to please Jules, a virtual stranger? She had only known him but for a few impersonal meetings. She let out another, longer moan as she felt Adrienne’s tongue drag across her nerve endings with deliberation. Her breath started to quicken. She tried to remain composed while her body threatened to give her away. She looked to Jules sitting comfortably, his long legs extended, the glass balanced in his long fingers. Judging by his composure, you’d think the sight before him was an every day occurrence. Maybe it was. Perhaps it was all of the unknowns of this man that drove her to prove herself, maybe it was the challenge he presented. “I don’t know,” he had responded when she had extended the invitation. “As I have aged I have come to learn my tastes very well. They’re not for everybody.” Now she had him here, and she wondered about his cock, and just how long it would be before she had it all over her cunt, her mouth, deep inside her arse. The idea sent shivers throughout her body as she continued to push down on Adrienne’s eager tongue. She felt certain she would be rewarded for her diligence.

“Do you like what you see, Jules?” Miranda’s emerald eyes shone. They were darker now, brimming with desire and flecked with heat. Her proud nipples pushed through her sheer bra.

Jules stood, setting his glass aside, and walked closer to the two writhing women.

“Do I like what I see?” His relaxed voice replied, as he ran one finger down Miranda’s back, slowly tracing each bump of her vertebrae from her neck to her pulled-aside panties. He pressed down with his palm, bringing a moan from her as he forced her to arch her back further.

“And just what is it I see?” He met Adrienne’s lust-filled eyes and worked his fingers into her sweaty hair. He pushed her head against the round arse, then reached underneath and stroked his long fingers gently over Miranda’s wet, swollen mound.

“What I see is two whores, both eager to be used, neither yet aware of her own depths of desire.”

Miranda moaned and writhed in an attempt to get his fingers to press against her while pushing back on Adrienne’s penetrating tongue. He grabbed a handful of her fiery hair and lifted her head to look at him again.

“So you think you’re in control?” he said, close to her panting face. “I certainly hope you don’t think I’ll look favorably on an orgasm right now.”

A wave of lust coursed through her body at his words, and as he let go Miranda dropped her head and moaned. He returned his attention to the bound Adrienne, pushing aside Miranda’s hand to take control himself. He ground her face against Miranda’s crotch, moving her all around the wet, swollen, open parts.

“Is that how you please your Mistress?” He demanded.

Adrienne could only respond with her own moans, as she feverishly worked her tender tongue at her mistresses’ pleasure. He crouched down, Miranda’s grinding arse right by his face, and looked closely into the slut’s eyes as he guided her mouth to Miranda’s clitoris.

“Give this whore the pleasure you know how to bring her,” he said, his quiet words shocked into forceful command by his cruel fingers tweaking Adrienne’s nipple. Her reaction was extreme, and Miranda’s arousal jumped at the muffled cry into her hungry pussy, bringing out her own cry as her legs began to shake.

“Are you going to bring her climax, little fuckdoll?” he asked, still in complete control of Adrienne’s head, moving her mouth up and down. This commanding man now brought her to serious purpose, and she continued to lick, nip, suck, and probe at her mistress. Miranda felt herself slipping, struggling to hold herself back from the precipice, and quivering, she surrendered to her first climax erupting throughout her body. She threw her head back and howled, backing up to mash her sodden cunt against Adrienne’s face. Both women moaned in unison, Miranda bucking in heat over and over again, screaming with Adrienne’s tongue embedded deeply inside her.

When both women finally grew silent and still, Jules quickly straightened and unzipped his slacks. They fell to the floor with a hiss, both women lifting their heads at the sound as they recovered. He stood, his thick cock resting in his hand. Instinctually, Miranda reached for it, and Jules contemptuously swatted her hand away, grabbing a fistful of her hair instead. Her squeal penetrated the air, so much so that Adrienne involuntarily jumped in shock. He had their full attention now. The first smack against Miranda’s rear was louder than her squeal. The second, third and fourth connection rang out in the big room, one after the other, pushing her body forward with the force. Her squeals quickly turned into gasps turned into moans as the vibrations hit her wet pussy, then suddenly he had two fingers inside her, roughly penetrating her far more deeply than that tongue had.

“Those are for coming without my permission.” The tone in his voice had changed and now resembled a deep growl. He withdrew his fingers from her, his hand coming down a fifth, sixth and seventh time with equal velocity, wet digits slapping against her hot skin. Her body shuddered before his very eyes, her head hanging in blissful exhaustion, her red hair covering her face.

“And those are for being a wanton whore.” He looked down the length of Miranda’s body to find Adrienne’s eyes burning with lust just over the curves of her round arse. Smiling, he licked his lips and winked at her. He hadn’t forgotten about their loyal companion. It was time to put her through her paces. He was enjoying the shock painted on her face.

“I think it’s time for a change of plans,” he announced as he pulled Miranda to her feet by her hair. She stood teetering giddily on her heels. He pushed her down, her inflamed bottom finding comfort on the cool leather. Her face showed a mix of confusion and arousal as Jules walked over to Adrienne and quickly untied her. He returned with the white nylon rope and snaked it over and around Miranda’s wrists, binding them together. She started to talk but his eyes warned otherwise and she halted immediately. With Miranda secured, he returned to Adrienne. His rigid cock bobbed before her face. She wanted to reach out with her tongue, taste his pre-cum, take his length fully to the back of her throat. But she knew better and remained still.

He looked over to Miranda while rubbing his shaft against Adrienne’s soft flushed cheek. “This could have been yours if you hadn’t been so greedy and impatient.”

Anger grew in Miranda’s eyes, yet she said nothing. He circled the tip of his cock over Adrienne’s hungrily reaching lips and painted them with his pre-cum. He rubbed himself against her other cheek slowly as he spoke.

“You thought you had all the power, didn’t you, Miranda?” Jules pushed his cock firmly into Adrienne’s mouth. She took half his length as her tongue swirled over his warm taut skin, her eyes closing to take in the moment. She feathered the underside of his cock, beckoning him deeper. His fingers twisted in her hair as he stroked his cock in and out of her, savoring the silky wetness of her mouth. He enjoyed the sight of her lips stretched around his thick shaft, and sighed as he stroked her cheek tenderly with his fingers. “You want it all, don’t you?” Adrienne opened her throat to his forceful thrust, and responded with a long, low moan.

“My, you are a little service slut. No wonder she relishes your mouth so much.” Jules shoved his cock deeper still, his hands running through her silken locks, clenching fistfuls as he moved in and out of her velvet lips. He watched his length disappear and then reappear, in and out, in and out. Adrienne’s eyes fluttered open to catch his stare, and a pang of lust immediately surged within his belly, his cock twitching in her warmth. He looked over to Miranda, a hot wriggling mess only a few feet away.

“Tell me Miranda, do you like what you see?” His eyes burning bright as his cock continued to slip in between Adrienne’s lips, his grip tightening in her hair. Miranda wouldn’t answer. She sat and watched, her jaw slightly ajar as she watched Adrienne’s head bob. She looked at Jules but remained silent.

Jules twisted his fist tightly around Adrienne’s hair, her yelp muffled as she continued to suck cock. His balls felt heavy, ready to explode as her lips took over gliding feverishly upon his shaft. The base of his cock glistened as the tip pounded into the back of her throat.

“Finger yourself, pretty pet,” he commanded, and Adrienne obeyed. She ran her fingertips into her wetness and then over her clitoris lightly as she continued to suck. She moaned, sending a jolt into him yet again. He was close to coming. He looked at Miranda again. She sat with her legs apart, he pelvis forward, her pussy grinding into the leather. She rocked her hips slightly as she watched, the anger still dancing in her eyes.

“I asked you a question, do you like what you see Miranda? Answer me now or suffer the consequences.” Adrienne moaned as his grip tightened again, his hand pulling her hair down at the base of her neck. Her mouth opened further, and he shoved his cock down her throat with new force. His other hand found his way past her thong, past her own hands and to her sodden cunt, two, then three fingers invading her heat. She was incredibly wet, and it wasn’t long before his hand was covered in her. He wiped her wetness all over her cheek as he continued to fuck her mouth, and it was at that moment of dominance that Miranda answered.

“Yes,” she hissed, rocking her hips, grinding herself again the couch further. “Yes, I love watching you use her like a whore. I love watching you fuck her face, fuck her mouth, fuck her with your hand. I want to see you come all over her face as she comes, I want you to make her scream out in agonizing pleasure. I want you to give yourself fully to her, spend yourself all over her skin, and then come and plunge yourself into me. I want her to watch as I fuck you back, take your cock, milk you for everything you are worth. And I wont be through until you have nothing left to offer.”

And that was all it took to tip Jules over the edge. He felt the surge beckon in his balls, felt the electric swell run down his shaft. He pushed himself all the way into the back of Adrienne’s throat, his seed spilling into her mouth. He then withdrew, rivulets of come streaming across her face, lips and mouth, dripping onto her heaving breasts. It was at that instant her own orgasm hit, and screaming, Adrienne came crashing with Jules. Their moans were enough to send Miranda spiraling along with them, and she came hard writhing against the cool of the couch, moaning like a dirty whore as she slipped over the leather, her hips rocking as the waves of pleasure washed over her body.

Finally, after their gasps subsided, all three were limp and still. Miranda’s laugh was the first to break the silence.

“Wasn’t that the perfect introduction, Jules?” Her imp-like grin beckoned a deep chuckle from him.


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As the morning grew into afternoon, I watched my inbox fill with messages from near and afar, all willing participants offering personal assistance of inspiration. Some emails echoing sympathy, some laced with dirty prose, others sending imagery to stoke my filthy mind. One message in particular grabbed my attention.

Care to try a joint project?

That one query was the only challenge I needed. Feeling drunk on lust and brimming with intrigue, I decided to slip into something a little more comfortable and take some photographs. It was only a matter of minutes before I was crashing hard into not one, but two, heady orgasms and forwarding the imagery to my man at work.

I want your hands bound above your head while I clench one hand into your hair, rubbing down from your neck, feeling how warm, supple, and vulnerable you are in my hands. Only a stroke of your skin is all it takes for me sometimes. I love to lick behind your neck, nibble your hairline, drag my tongue between your breasts and across your nipples, and feel you lift as you arch into me. I relish in your very touch. I loved feeling you run your hands over me while I stroked myself. So much of last night’s pleasure came from your scent. No one has, or ever will, turn me into an animal the way you do…

I continued to tease him until he arrived home knowing full well the trouble I’d be in for the torture I had dished out during the day. I had told him that I planned to write with another blogger, sent my imagery to one friend in Chicago and consequently made him take himself in hand at work, and fucked myself twice whilst thinking about multiple women sucking his glorious cock. When he opened the front door I could see the lust burning in his eyes and through his pants. Even then, I made him wait.

When he finally cornered me on the couch after dinner I could feel the heat bouncing between the two of us. When I looked into his eyes I couldn’t possibly know just how much he wanted to be inside me. When he ripped my jeans clean off and produced my bullet with a devilish grin, my squeal of fear and delight punctuated the air. When he continued to keep me on the precipice of orgasm for almost an hour with the buzzing of metal, his warm tongue and eager fingers, I begged and begged and begged to come. It was only when he was ready to take what was rightfully his did he let me. I howled as my whole body rippled with pleasure as I came hard a third time. He didn’t even wait until my climax had subsided before he was completely embedded within me, fucking me hard with desperation and then withdrawing, his seed spilling eagerly over my belly in streams. Left a wet mess and crumpled heap in the corner, I smiled a naughty grin to myself. I felt inspired.

So, my thanks to all who helped in the chain reaction of events. Sometimes what we seek is right under our nose. The muse is back, bigger and more wicked than ever. Watch this space, I promise to have something worth the wait…

Oh, and to my challenger? I accept your offer. Let the games begin.