Shameless Request

It would seem that the muse has run for the hills, and I have a serious case of writer’s block. This is a shameless request. Someone, anyone, please inspire me! Send me a dirty email, send me a request for a piece of filth, send me a dirty photograph – anything!

In trade I present to you: Boobies! I’m hoping to do some inspiring myself today. Enjoy.
~ NS


14 Responses to “Shameless Request”

  1. Yours breasts look spectacular in that red bra, and I wish I was there to kiss you gently on the face, behind your ears and on your lips and neck. I would then gracefully unhook your bra and cup your breasts in my hands, taking time to caress them, suck them and bite your hardening nipples ever so gently. I could spend hours with my face buried in your bosom…..

  2. Advizor54 Says:

    A scenario perhaps?

    Your sister’s best friend’s mother died during a freak accident while performing in a traveling Romanian circus the same weekend you are visiting your sister. You are invited to the funeral along with your sister, her hunky boyfriend, and have been asked to “comfort” the grieving family consisting of two beautiful twin sisters, a handsome brother with no hair, and mismatched eye color, and their father who, as the local priest, has a bit of reputation among the town folk of the village.

    Based on your history as a student of Yoga and baby oil, you are in instant celebrity, but expectations are high as you approach the family’s home after the funeral….

    You can take it from there….

  3. They are, indeed, inspiring but I’m afraid they leave me speechless rather than sparking my creative tongue errrrr mind. yeah. mind.

  4. Shoot me a note and I’ll send you some stuff that might work for you…

  5. sensuelle Says:

    No trade required NS but wow, what a woman you are! Will be in touch.

    Note to Advizor54 – your response has given me the best moment of my day – and I’m still smiling! ‘Consequences’ anyone?!

  6. southerngirl Says:

    We have missed you.

    So…here is a poem: “Uh-emmm”

    “Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    Cocks taste sweet
    and perky breasts in a red bra look like they do too”

    Move over E.E. Cummings, SG is in the house!!!


  7. I know the feeling well. In my years of writing erotica I’ve always been most productive at those times when I had an interested, mischievous muse. Part participant, part subject, but mostly inspiration. Whether my stories are about her or not, teasing out and tickling her particular kinks through my writing is always a joy.

  8. Cheese Wizard Says:

    How about an SiP story? Something like:

    The cockail of MDMA and champagne that they had shared made them stare at the massive crushed velvet curtains in the ballroom. The shimmering they emitted at first frightened her, making her think of blood.
    She whispered in his ear “The curtains…they are gross, gory even.”
    He looked into her troubled eyes and gave a slight, coy smile. “Really? I was just thinking about how we could both fit behind them and nobody would ever know.”
    The look of horror in her eyes fell to neutral, then he could see the familiar look of devilment in her eyes slowly appear.
    She looked around to make sure no one was listening, “Well, I did wear a short dress tonight…”

    I have to confess that I’ve been trying to think of a set up for this scenario for some time. After stalling on it for almost a year, I’m giving it to you, if you want. Have fun.

  9. Ron, that sounds lovely, and thank you…

    Advizor54 ~ Thank you for the many giggles, and welcome.

    Lilly ~ Dirty girl!

    Louis Friend ~ Shoot me a note and we’ll go from there…

    sensuelle ~ Why thank you. You know, I always enjoy your emails, you don’t need an excuse… 😛

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    Southerngirl is sweet,
    With luscious breasts too.

    EB Addis ~ I really do miss the challenge more than anything. I love someone pushing me to push boundaries, plain and simple.

    Cheese Wizard ~ Thank you, I feel honored. We will discuss!

  10. what’s your email – i have a few naughty ideas to share with you

  11. Deserted by your muse? Hells’ teeth! What a rogue (or whatever the female equivalent might be [La Rogue?]. That said, from the comments you’ve received thus far, you’ve a surfeit of folks eager to step into the breach. Here’s hoping one of them has just what you need to re-ignite your wonderful creativity…


    (BTW Damn if that photograph isn’t capable of tipping men and women right over the edge!)

  12. RR ~

    EA ~ Rogue indeed. And yes, one has piqued my interest. Lucky me. Surely you know by now that I like to tip people over the edge…?

  13. My, my…I need to make a point to get in here on time. Two days late to see two terrific breasts! Quite…titillating!

  14. Thanks for the morning laugh, Unbroken.

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