As the morning grew into afternoon, I watched my inbox fill with messages from near and afar, all willing participants offering personal assistance of inspiration. Some emails echoing sympathy, some laced with dirty prose, others sending imagery to stoke my filthy mind. One message in particular grabbed my attention.

Care to try a joint project?

That one query was the only challenge I needed. Feeling drunk on lust and brimming with intrigue, I decided to slip into something a little more comfortable and take some photographs. It was only a matter of minutes before I was crashing hard into not one, but two, heady orgasms and forwarding the imagery to my man at work.

I want your hands bound above your head while I clench one hand into your hair, rubbing down from your neck, feeling how warm, supple, and vulnerable you are in my hands. Only a stroke of your skin is all it takes for me sometimes. I love to lick behind your neck, nibble your hairline, drag my tongue between your breasts and across your nipples, and feel you lift as you arch into me. I relish in your very touch. I loved feeling you run your hands over me while I stroked myself. So much of last night’s pleasure came from your scent. No one has, or ever will, turn me into an animal the way you do…

I continued to tease him until he arrived home knowing full well the trouble I’d be in for the torture I had dished out during the day. I had told him that I planned to write with another blogger, sent my imagery to one friend in Chicago and consequently made him take himself in hand at work, and fucked myself twice whilst thinking about multiple women sucking his glorious cock. When he opened the front door I could see the lust burning in his eyes and through his pants. Even then, I made him wait.

When he finally cornered me on the couch after dinner I could feel the heat bouncing between the two of us. When I looked into his eyes I couldn’t possibly know just how much he wanted to be inside me. When he ripped my jeans clean off and produced my bullet with a devilish grin, my squeal of fear and delight punctuated the air. When he continued to keep me on the precipice of orgasm for almost an hour with the buzzing of metal, his warm tongue and eager fingers, I begged and begged and begged to come. It was only when he was ready to take what was rightfully his did he let me. I howled as my whole body rippled with pleasure as I came hard a third time. He didn’t even wait until my climax had subsided before he was completely embedded within me, fucking me hard with desperation and then withdrawing, his seed spilling eagerly over my belly in streams. Left a wet mess and crumpled heap in the corner, I smiled a naughty grin to myself. I felt inspired.

So, my thanks to all who helped in the chain reaction of events. Sometimes what we seek is right under our nose. The muse is back, bigger and more wicked than ever. Watch this space, I promise to have something worth the wait…

Oh, and to my challenger? I accept your offer. Let the games begin.

7 Responses to “Inspired”

  1. Cheese Wizard Says:

    My my, the Naughty Secretary is a noisy neighbor as well…

  2. Come on now, you know I am. 😉

  3. Cheese Wizard Says:

    I’m surprised I have to explain this one, but… When you ram your cock into a woman while she is still getting off from other means, it’s called a Noisy Neighbor.

  4. Well then, a sassy slut who likes a challenge. Aren’t you just the perfect thing, full of teases and treats.

  5. You know, I really need to get better readers. Seriously. I asked twice an got nary an offer!
    Please tutor me, NS, on how to get better readers

  6. southerngirl Says:

    Inspire us muse…we love you and keep coming back for more.

  7. CW, you know from personal experience I am clueless at the best of times…

    EB ~ I like to think I am full of teases and treats…

    Lilly ~ I’m afraid the only thing I did was be a little demanding!

    southerngirl ~ You say the nicest things. Thank you. And yes, trust me, I’m working on something new.

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