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Dirty Talk

Posted in Erotica with tags on March 17, 2009 by naughtysecretary

Talk dirty to you?

Like sneaking up behind you and sliding my hand up your skirt, past the tops of your stockings, and inside of your thong? How about my hand clenching slowly around your neck as I switch on the bullet? Once you get just close enough to coming, when your lips go red and your back arches, I’ll tear you out of that chair by your hair and slide my cock straight down your throat and fuck you like that until you swallow every last drop of me.

Is that dirty?

Maybe binding your hands, knees, and ankles with some white nylon rope and putting a gag in your mouth is dirty enough? Once you’re firmly in place, I’ll put a tie in your hair so that any sudden head movements will cause a hair pull. With that set up, I’ll gently rub you down with oil from your neck down the backs of your thighs, all the way down to the bind around your knees. On the way back up, I’ll slide one, then two, and then three fingers into your tight little ass, and then pump you full of my come with my hard cock.

Dirty enough?

Or should I slide the anal vibe into your ass while I lick gently along your pussy, getting hard at the smooth, soft skin and how it feels freshly bare beneath my tongue. You’ll start to shudder and pull your own hair eventually, at which point I’ll switch the bullet on and slide it around the edge of your clitoris and trace my tongue along your nipples. You can beg until your voice gives out…

Actually, I’m going to bind you prostrate. Bent over your bent knees, bound with white rope over your black stockings and beneath your pulled up skirt. I’ll bind your hands above your head and once the final knot is tied, I’ll pull your hair back and your head with it. I’m going to slide a dildo into your mouth and you will have hell to pay should I hear it hit the floor. Keep it in your fucking mouth. Keep it in your fucking mouth while I tear off your shirt. Keep it in your mouth each time you feel the cane crack onto your tight ass. Keep it in your mouth while I slide a vibrator into your wet, smooth pussy. I’ll turn it up slowly, bit by bit after each time you take the cane. Again and again.

Should you moan too loud when I slip my hard, hot cock into you and drop the dildo, I’ll come around to the side of the bed, pull your hair back, and slide my cock the whole way into your throat, holding your nose, turning the vibrator up to full speed. I’ll rub my hand from the crack of your ass to your neck while you just barely keep from choking on me. You have such soft, luscious red hair. And since you couldn’t keep a fucking dildo in your mouth while I beat you without mercy, I’m going to come in your torn shirt and wipe it all over your back, thighs, and if there’s any left, you can either lick it off or I’ll wipe it on your face…

Do you really want me to talk dirty to you?