Remote Control Vibrating Panty Giveaway


I was lucky enough to be sent the Remote Control Vibrating Panty to review, and was incredibly excited when I received the item. I mean, let’s consider the concept for a second. Underwear that gives you orgasms? Who wouldn’t want a pair?

The panty itself is made from a soft fabric which is surprisingly comfortable and reasonably snug. It is powered by two AA batteries. The remote control is powered by a 12V battery (both included in the set). It can be used up to 20 feet in range.

I thoroughly enjoyed my playtime with the panty. The bullet was strong enough to deliver me two heady orgasms rather quickly. I can only imagine the fun that could be had using it with a partner and venturing out in public.

The good news is that I was accidentally sent an extra Remote Control Vibrating Panty from So I have decided to have a giveaway. Leave me a racy comment based around the panty. I’ll decide which one is naughtiest within a week and notify the winner. Deal?

Product: Remote Control Vibrating Panty
Category: Lingerie
Sex Toys

  • Please note that the Remote Control Vibrating Panty I am giving away has *not* been used. While I love to share, my bodily fluids remain that – mine.

12 Responses to “Remote Control Vibrating Panty Giveaway”

  1. I bet I’m not the only one hoping to win the used pair!

  2. ♀ was a little less enthusiastic about the used pair *sigh*.
    She did say she’d be willing to give the new ones a try though.

  3. Cheese Wizard Says:

    I told her to wear them. At first, she seemed delighted. I mean, what woman wouldn’t be delighted by a pair of panties with a built in bullet? When she flipped on the switch and nothing happened, her face fell. I had to remind her that she agreed to wear them out.
    Now, here at the bar, I think she’s getting the idea of the “broken panties”. The game had changed. There is no longer punishment. We are now in the realm of positive reinforcement. I see her play with another girl, and my finger slips over the button. I examine her cheeks to see them flush bright. That’s why I told her to not wear rouge tonight. Now she sidles up next to a guy, my finger retreats. She knows that I’m not into guys. This game is fun. It’s like my hand is there, ready to reward her for desired behaviors. I can embarrass her. I can tease her. I can send her over the edge.
    She looks frustrated. With a slight scowl, my accomplice comes directly over to me.
    “Guys keep on approaching me because they think that you’re stalking me. You need to be more discreet.”
    “This only has a twenty foot range, dear. Besides, this is my first time using this toy, you know.”
    “It better be.”
    I place my right hand in my pocket again, and my digit applies pressure. She moans and leans into me. I rub the small of her back as I nibble on her earlobe. “Maybe this will let them know that I’m supposed to watch. Now go play some more.”
    She goes back to her newfound friend, still excited. She whispers something into the ear of her newest victim and they embrace, brunette locks rubbing together. I press the button and edge a little for a closer look. My test subject gets off of her barstool and touches hips with her new playmate. The unwary girl’s eyes are wide with surprise. She must know something of our little secret. I slip the bartender a twenty and ask him to turn up the music.
    With a slight swagger, I step up to the duo and tell my love, “I think we need to talk, alone.”
    She knows that I picked this bar because of the unisex bathrooms. We slip away. Once the slide bolt is in place, she eats me alive, releasing the torment that I have doled out. I reach under her skirt and turn off the devious device that led us here and slide it off of her. My belt and pants are already unfastened. Without hesitation, I am in her, hard and hot. This is a time and place to be quick, in public we are only priming ourselves for our time at home afterward. We are loud, because sometime a twenty to the bartender is worth it. In our frenzy, we grip one another until a brief, yet intense, release sweeps over our bodies simultaneously.
    Afterwards, I peek out the door, to make sure the coast is clear. We came here early so that there wouldn’t be too many people waiting on the bathrooms. No one is there.
    As we both leave the lavatory, we can’t stop touching each other. It’s then that I noticed that someone was watching. She watched us go in, she watched us come out. She was still sitting on the barstool where we left her. I pull my mate over in her direction.
    “My name is Abigail, this is Max.”
    “I’m Teresa”
    “Would you like to come home with us and watch a movie?”
    “I’d love to”
    I can’t suppress a grin, “you two ride in the back,” and I hand Teresa the remote as I contemplate how to adjust the rear view mirror.

  4. This isn’t so much racy as an observation – is anyone else really freaked out by the nails on the woman in the photo?
    I’d need panties that did all the work for me too if I had those things- I certainly wouldn’t be wanting those anywhere near my delicate pink parts!

  5. I need a pair……. hook me up and lets c if there are all that.

  6. What I want to know, is when are they going to re-style these pants away from that awful early ninties design! They were hot 10 years ago but haven’t changed since!!

  7. Nicole R. Says:

    I think it would be so much fun to wear these in public and give my boyfriend the remote…hehehe

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