– Oui Black

He slid the Oui down my inner thigh, resting the vibrator on my clitoris as his fingers slipped into me. Any time my movements became too emphatic, my pleasure obvious as my climax inched closer, he removed the vibrator and continued to lick me. He teased me like this for almost an hour, alternating pleasuring me with the vibrator, his fingers and mouth. It wasn’t long before I was begging to climax, my knuckles turning white and I gripped at the sheets, my moans and pleading filling the room…

This small, slim-lined personal vibrator is one of the most unique and fun toys I have received thus far. Its handy size and shape make it adaptable to many situations. It comes in various colors, includes a one push button for operation, and is finished with a high gloss. A travel pouch is included, and the toy takes only one AAA battery.

The price makes this a very affordable toy for both single use and play with a partner.

Product: Oui Black
Category: Vibrators
Sex Toys

3 Responses to “ – Oui Black”

  1. I can haz mor dirtee storeez?

  2. phew – thanks, I’ll bear all this in mind when I go shopping next for Mrs RR

    ox RR

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