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I’ll admit, it’s pretty sweet being The Naughty Secretary. I’m lucky enough to have “met” a number of very cool people because of this blog. I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, although I’m more comfortable with the term than say a year ago. It’s been quite a ride.

But the best part?


None of this would even be here if it wasn’t for the appreciation of you, the reader. I’ve received a plethora of gestures by means of thanks for my words; the occasional naughty photo or email, words spun into a raunchy web chat message, the wonderful comments on my blog…

And sometimes? Sometimes, someone manages to shock the shit out of me.


~ NS

My phone vibrated against the coffee table. Brian. I snapped it open. It was 9:30 p.m.

“We’re out. Why aren’t you here with us? I mean, apart from the fact that you’re just hearing about this now…”

I laughed, heading upstairs to freshen up. Twenty minutes later I was trekking out to my local bar. I didn’t need coaxing; my week had been taxing and I’d been saintly of late. Many a night of mine had been spent at home and in bed at a very reasonable hour. My arm wasn’t twisted, it was bent from the beginning.

I walked into the darkness of my local. They were seated half way down the bar, their smiles beaming from the doorway. I smiled impishly as I greeted them. With Brian to my right and Mark to my left, I received a hug from each, Brian’s hand traditionally slipping to my arse. I laughed at his predictability as I ordered my drink and sat between them.

It didn’t take long before our conversation became laced with sex. Both Brian and Mark were extremely attractive men; in their thirties and complete opposites to look at. Brian was almost pretty with his piercing blue eyes and plump lips. Mark had a rugged charm about him with his manic gestures and cropped salt and pepper hair. I wanted to take both of them into the alley and fuck their brains out.

“So, can I tell Mark about your blog?” Brian’s eyes shone with mischief. They always did.

“Wait, what? She has a blog?” I sat calmly between them as Mark grilled me.

“Yes, I have a blog. And yeah, why not?” I winked at Brian as I sipped my Mojito, knowing full well that Mark was about to be presented with my cunt, my fantasy, me totally unsheathed. For some reason it didn’t make me squirm; I felt empowered as Brian handed over his iPhone.

“Wait, that photo of the glove. Is that you?”

“Yes, that’s me.” I beamed at him.

He shook his head and continued to scroll down the screen. Suddenly, he got out of his seat.

“Can I borrow this?” He wanted the iPhone.

“Sure,” Brian replied with slight confusion.

Without hesitation, Mark made his way to the bathroom. I looked at Brian in disbelief.

“Is he? I mean, he’s in there reading and spanking the monkey?”

“He’d better not get anything on my phone…”

Mission accomplished.


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She slipped the glove slowly up her arm. It came to rest between her elbow and shoulder. She admired herself in the mirror, her hands running over the curves of her waist, the round of her breasts, the smoothness of her bare mound. The satin felt glorious against her skin.

She turned to him, the fleck of grey in his eyes matching the silver in his hair. He couldn’t take his eyes of her nubile naked flesh, her creamy breasts bouncing with each step she took as she teetered upon her heels. His voice was low and steady as he spoke.

“Come over here, Annette, and stop your parading about,” he commanded. She immediately obeyed him and quickly presented herself for inspection. His eyes explored her body; the ivory lace of her suspenders, the sheen of her stockings glowing in the half light of the room. Her sandy blonde hair framing her face, her blue eyes big with curiosity. Her lips were parted in a half-smile. She knew how beautiful she looked; it was part of her youthful exuberance.

“Take your heels off and climb onto the bed.” She did as he asked, and kneeling, waited for further instruction.

“Now touch yourself. Feel the satin against your bare flesh, run your hands over your skin and feel how the material feels against your own softness.” His rich voice alone sent shivers through her. She continued to obey him and ran her hands over the back of her neck, down past her shoulders and onto each pert breast. She pinched at her nipples through each glove, her own peaks forming and growing in hardness underneath her touch. She threw her head back and moaned as she strummed her own flesh for him, his eyes never leaving her.

“Good girl, good girl,” he praised, aware that his own hardness was begging for attention at the sight of her playing on the bed. He unbuckled his pants and let them slip to the floor, his erection bobbing free as her hands wandered in between her thighs to her waiting cunt.

“Touch yourself, that’s right. Touch yourself. Feel the glove graze against your pouting lips, your engorged clitoris, wetness coating each finger, spilling from you. Touch that beautiful pussy of yours,” he beckoned while he stroked his cock. The look in her face was urgent, maddening. He knew how much she loved to watch, how much she needed it. He picked up his pace, his large hand caressing his smooth shaft over, and over, and over again while she bucked on the bed. He could tell she was close to the edge; she was steadying herself with one hand, the other frantically rubbing at her swollen flesh. She whimpered as she continued to watch him pleasure himself, his cockhead already glistening with pre-cum. He stood and made his way to the bed.

“Tell me. Do you want my cock in you yet?” She nodded enthusiastically, biting on her bottom lip, his hard flesh merely inches from her mouth as she continued to fuck herself.

“Show me how much, Annette,” he cooed, his hands smoothing over her hair as her tongue darted out to meet his shaft. Her mouth felt exquisite against his warm erection, swirling and dipping over the tip of his cock, slipping him past her lips and to the back of her throat. He grabbed fistfuls of her hair and slowly started to fuck her, her breasts swaying with each thrust, her bullet hard nipples rubbing against the soft sheets. She was breathtaking to behold as she sucked cock eagerly, summoning his orgasm to the surface with ease. He withdrew from her, the sensation becoming too much too quickly. He wanted more.

He walked to the other side of the bed and positioned himself behind her, his bare cock nuzzling against her. She was drenched, her juices coating the fingertips of the glove. She continued to masturbate, grunting as he slipped himself between each arse cheek. She wriggled and writhed like a cat on heat, presenting her flesh for the taking with each of his teasing thrusts. It was only seconds before she was pleading with him.

“Please fuck me. Please fuck me and make me come. I want to feel you explode inside of me.”

It was at that moment he pushed into the depths of her, her scream of pleasure immediately bursting into the air. He used his full length to bring her to orgasm, each thrust forward sending waves of pleasure pulsing through her, her velvet heat clenching down around him. She reached underneath and rubbed his balls with her gloved hand as she came, the material damp and smooth against his heavy testes. That was enough to send him over the edge along with her, his cock shuddering, rivulets of his come erupting inside of her. It took a good few minutes for both of them to recover on the bed. He finally broke the silence.

“That will teach you to play dress up in front of me…”


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I came home smelling of her and it drove me wild.

Later that night, I thought about her touching me while I touched myself. Her hands on my face as she kissed me, her whispers in my ear as she caressed me and cast a spell. I immediately felt the warm rush of desire march over my skin at the mere sight of her.

I was besotted, completely immersed in thoughts of her as I clutched at the sheets and strummed my own flesh. I thought about how wet she became around me, how hard her nipples grew, our flirting evident in both of our bodies, the need to satiate the other at the very surface. I thought about the first time I tasted her, slipping my fingers in between her delicate folds, opening her slowly with each gentle thrust as my tongue flickered over her clitoris…

As my memories of her bumped me dangerously close to the edge of my own orgasm, my mind pushed further into darkness. Her legs spread, my head in between them, ravenous for her as I brought her to orgasm with my mouth and lips. I watched her writhe on the bed as she pushed her bareness against me and came hard against my face, her back arching, hands frantic in my hair. Her body glistened in the half light of the room, her sighs slowly replaced with an impish smile of triumph…

But it was new territory that brought me my own climax later that night, my body bursting with sensation, shudders rippling through the core of me at the imagery conjured. I imagined her naked and on all fours on the plush of her bed, taking her husband fully in mouth while my boyfriend caressed her voluptuous arse from behind, his bare cock nuzzling against her swollen cunt. I wanted to watch both of them use her for pleasure, fucking her simultaneously, one slowly dipping in and out of her waiting mouth while the other pumped her cunt full of hard cock. I wanted to be close by as the sensation became too much for either man to bear, her velvet heat begging them to surrender as she came with force, her beautiful body sucking the orgasm right out of both of them…

It was at that moment that I came hard against my damp sheets. I wondered how long it would take for my fantasy to manifest into reality. – Coochy Rash Free Body Shave Creme

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