I came home smelling of her and it drove me wild.

Later that night, I thought about her touching me while I touched myself. Her hands on my face as she kissed me, her whispers in my ear as she caressed me and cast a spell. I immediately felt the warm rush of desire march over my skin at the mere sight of her.

I was besotted, completely immersed in thoughts of her as I clutched at the sheets and strummed my own flesh. I thought about how wet she became around me, how hard her nipples grew, our flirting evident in both of our bodies, the need to satiate the other at the very surface. I thought about the first time I tasted her, slipping my fingers in between her delicate folds, opening her slowly with each gentle thrust as my tongue flickered over her clitoris…

As my memories of her bumped me dangerously close to the edge of my own orgasm, my mind pushed further into darkness. Her legs spread, my head in between them, ravenous for her as I brought her to orgasm with my mouth and lips. I watched her writhe on the bed as she pushed her bareness against me and came hard against my face, her back arching, hands frantic in my hair. Her body glistened in the half light of the room, her sighs slowly replaced with an impish smile of triumph…

But it was new territory that brought me my own climax later that night, my body bursting with sensation, shudders rippling through the core of me at the imagery conjured. I imagined her naked and on all fours on the plush of her bed, taking her husband fully in mouth while my boyfriend caressed her voluptuous arse from behind, his bare cock nuzzling against her swollen cunt. I wanted to watch both of them use her for pleasure, fucking her simultaneously, one slowly dipping in and out of her waiting mouth while the other pumped her cunt full of hard cock. I wanted to be close by as the sensation became too much for either man to bear, her velvet heat begging them to surrender as she came with force, her beautiful body sucking the orgasm right out of both of them…

It was at that moment that I came hard against my damp sheets. I wondered how long it would take for my fantasy to manifest into reality.

12 Responses to “Besotted”

  1. How terrifically hot, Naughty one. I love the way it builds in intensity, leaving us intrigued and aroused in just a few tidy paragraphs. Absolutely up to your usual standards.


  2. Eb, your sweetness is always welcome around these here parts…Thank you, as always, for your generous encouragement.

  3. Mmmm… yummy delicious

  4. coooooooooommmmmmmmmmmeeeeee on nowww…

  5. Very, very nice indeed.

  6. The way your words featherweight over my skin gives me tingles. Poetic porn. Beautifully nasty.

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