Are you still up?

The message pops on the screen, hangs in the air for a few seconds. I lick my lips and smile sinisterly.

Well hello there. What are you wearing? I press send and chuckle to myself.

My, that’s rather forward of you. Sassy, in fact.

I read the line and smile further still. I know how he likes to play games, and I’m only happy to play along. His words are always laced with sex in some capacity, his exterior smooth and cavalier. He turns me on instantly.

How about I tether you to the bed in four-point restraints and rub sesame oil all over your tight little body? I’d love to watch you writhe under my touch as my hands travel every inch of your trembling flesh…

Oh, and I’m the forward one? I grin.

Forward, you say? I think I’ll untie your ankles and hoist them on my shoulders, my cock rubbing furiously against your glistening thighs until I come splashing against the soft of your belly. Is that forward enough for you?

I gasp at his imagery, his words pulling at my innards like spindly webs of electricity. I’m instantly wet as I type.

And then what? I know my insolence will get a rise out of him, and I can’t help but push his buttons.

And then what? Then I’ll rub my shaft against your belly, against my come until I’m rock hard again, slippery wet with my own seed. It’s then that I’ll plunge my thick shaft into your parted flesh, filling you with every thrust, each push bringing you closer to orgasm. I’ll take what I want from you and make you clench down on my cock as I explode inside you, your heat milking the orgasm right from me as we come together…

I shiver and sigh, my nipples rock hard against the soft of my blouse, my thighs parted automatically in anticipation.

When can you be here?

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