I’m finding it very difficult to behave myself with you today.

Really now?

Yes, I keep having very bad thoughts. Again.

How bad?

Extremely bad. Like your stubble grazing against the soft of my inner thigh. The thought alone is making me wriggle in my seat, making me wet, making me want to tell you all the wicked things I want to do to you…

Like you did on the phone the other night? Your tone changed when you knew I was stroking myself. It was a total turn on. The lust shone through in your voice.

Well, what did you expect? You were on the other end of the line, cock in hand, thinking about my lips wrapped around your thick shaft. I wanted to be there, to watch and experience all of you, to taste you myself. I was hot and bothered and filled with the desire to make you come for me…

God, you’re making me hard now.

Hard? As hard as you were the other night when I told you to cup your heavy balls with your free hand as you stroked yourself, my palms replacing yours in your mind as I caressed your flesh? Or as hard as you became when I commanded you to imagine me facing away from you, slowly lowering myself onto your thick cock, bent forward with my hands spread on the coffee table as I fucked you? Just imagine the view from your seat, my arse writhing up and down as my cunt takes all of your length with ease, my fingers rubbing my clitoris as my juices slide over you. I came crashing later that night thinking about that very thing…

I’m stroking myself now thinking about it, thinking about how excited you made me, how much I came all over myself, spent and gasping with you listening. Your voice echoed triumph when I finally returned to my senses. I wanted to hear you come desperately that night, to hear you scream obscenities into the phone as I climaxed along with you…

I think it’s time you come for me again, and this time I’ll join you…

2 Responses to “Redux”

  1. ukroadrunner Says:


    each time i close my eyes the erotic vision of you sliding along that shaft is enough to … well … you can imagine !! 😉

    keep up the good work

    RR x

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