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HNT – Merry Christmas

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I walk into the hotel suite, removing each of my heels as I step forward. The burgundy plush feels soft against my stockinged feet. It had been a long day of sight-seeing, and my body was telling me it was time for some pampering. I scan the scene in approval, the dark wood of the four poster bed gleaming in the middle of the room, the crystal chandelier bouncing prisms of soft light onto the walls, the floral arrangement of white lilies sitting staunchly beside the bed.

“Does the room please you, Mademoiselle?” The richness of his voice comes from behind and snakes around my neck, his large hands firmly on each hip, his body pressed into me from behind. I can already feel his fast-growing erection through his pants rubbing against my arse. I wriggle against him, pushing myself back into his crotch.

“Yes, the room pleases me very much.” I turn and kiss him, his taste now familiar to me, ingrained in me.

“I took the liberty of ordering us some champagne while we were downstairs.” I smile as I eye the cart holding the bubbly and strawberries: he’s always one step ahead. He opens the bottle, pours us each a glass, and hands one to me, grinning over the lip of the flute. I take a sip and return his smile.

“Come with me.” He takes me by the hand and leads me to the other side of the room, pulling back the ornate drapes to reveal a floor to ceiling pane of thick glass, the beautiful city nestled underneath us in the hour of twilight. The sky is awash with a palette of amber, magenta and midnight blue, a smattering of stars just starting to become visible. Cars move below us slowly, rivers of lights slithering through the city streets. For a moment, my breath is caught in my throat, and this seems to please him. He takes our drinks and sits them down.

“Tell me. What do you see when you look out there?” He stares at me intently.

I pause slightly before I answer. “I see beauty…I see beauty everywhere. In the sky, in the architecture, even in the cars moving slowly like fireflies…”

“And in your reflection, you see beauty there too?” He stands behind me and traces his finger over my silhouette on the glass lightly. I feel the warm blush of embarrassment wash all over my face. “Do you think anyone can see us?”

“I’m not sure, but what if they could? Don’t you think we need to share your beauty with the rest of the world?” I look at him quizzically and surmise that he’s dead serious. He always did have an exhibitionistic streak in him, and it was threatening to show.

“Sounds like you have a plan.” Chills run straight through me at the notion.

“I always have a plan.” This time the chills turn into waves of adrenalin as they run the gamut of my body. I can already feel the arousal starting to wash over me. His hands smooth over my shoulders and to the front of my blouse where he proceeds to unbutton me while nibbling on my neck. My shirt slips to the floor along with my skirt, and I’m left wearing naught but my underwear, suspenders, and stockings in front of the large pane of glass. Goose bumps cover every inch of my skin, the air suddenly cool against my flesh. My nipples are bullet-hard at the attention he’s given my body, for the position I’m in. I peer out in to the darkness, looking to my left, and then to my right to check if anyone is watching from the suites next to us. I see no movement in either direction. I look down below us and wonder if anyone is peering back. The thought of being watched by strangers in the dark is electrifying; I feel my cunt instantly quiver at the thought.

“Stand with your legs apart and hands on the glass.” His voice has changed in tone; it’s darker now with a curt edge. I spread my legs and assume the position as told. I hear him unzip his pants, the material landing on the thick carpet with a thud along with his boxer shorts. He steps closer, his hands running down the length of my arms, over my shoulder blades and to my waist. He pulls my body towards him, and I step backward a few feet, my hands still remaining on the glass. He crouches, his large hands on each arse cheek prying my flesh open and my thong aside, his tongue burying straight into the heat of my cunt. I moan and push back as his tongue thrusts in and out of me, circling my swollen flesh, flickering over my engorged clitoris. He continues to fuck me with his mouth until I’m begging for his cock, shaking with raw unbridled lust, my body half-pressed against the glass in exasperation. I don’t care if anyone can see us now. I just want to be filled and fucked savagely.

“You want this? You want my cock?” He stands, rubbing himself against the wetness between my legs and against my clitoris. He strokes over my flesh slowly until his shaft is covered in my juices, saturated with my desire. He moans as his thickness continues to rub against my bare slit, my thong saturated against the bottom of his length.

“Turn around and get down on your knees.” His command comes as a surprise, but I still turn and quickly comply. His cock bobs in front of my face, and with his hands in my hair, he pushes his thickness into my mouth, the taste of my own pussy dancing all over my tongue. I suck eagerly on his rock hard flesh, savoring the moment, my tongue busily working over each inch of his skin. He gasps, his hands clenching fistfuls of my hair as he continued to thrust in and out of my mouth. He suddenly pulls me off his cock and lifts me from my knees. He turns me out towards the window once again and unhooks the clasp of my bra, freeing my breasts. I am suddenly aware of my semi-nakedness as I stand once again at the pane of glass, his hands cupping my breasts, rubbing my nipples into hardness as he whispers in my ear.

“Would you liked to be watched by a stranger as we make love, here and now?”

“Yes, yes I would.” I feel an ache all over my body as I stare out into the now night sky. He unbuckles the clasp of my suspenders and rips down my stockings along with my sodden thong, placing his cock once again in between my legs, sliding along my wet, pouting pussy.

“Please fuck me, fuck me now. Please give me your cock…”

It’s at that moment he enters me with force, the length of him completely embedded within me. We rock back and forth, standing against the glass, his one hand wrapped around my waist, the other wrapped around my breasts. I push my arse back against him, my hands back on the pane in front of me, his cock twitching within me with each stroke. I watch the reflection of our bodies slamming into each other as I clench down on him, my one hand finding my clitoris, rubbing me furiously closer to orgasm as his thrusting picks up pace. My climax breaks through my body, ripples of electric pleasure washing through every part of me. The moment I start to come, he slams into me with new force, my breasts pushed against the glass, sliding with perspiration. I feel him erupt inside me, and with three heaving gasps, he has climaxed along with me.

It takes me a minute to recover, and when I do, I step out of my discarded underwear and teeter over to the bedside table to retrieve my champagne. I take a sip and simultaneously feel the warm trickle of his seed making it’s way down my thigh. I reach down, swirl my fingers through his come, and place them in my mouth with a smile. This time, he’s the one smiling back at me as I hand him the glass.

“Care for the next round?”

Jerk for me, baby!

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e[lust] #2

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