HNT – Merry Christmas

19 Responses to “HNT – Merry Christmas”

  1. Exceptional!!!

    I love it…and I would call it Art.

  2. Well, HELLo. It’s about damn time you brought back the half-nekkid smut. 😀

  3. [rapturous applause & wolfwhistles!]

    “Santa Baby, a Secretary under the tree for me,
    She’s a naughty bad girl, Santa Baby,
    So hurry down the chimney tonight…” 😉

    Merry Kissmas! :-*

  4. housewife987 Says:

    Love it!

  5. I love these too NS – an enticing festive treat! Happy holidays and all good wishes for 2010 xxx

    PS Also loved ‘Rendezvous’ – sorry I forgot to post to tell you!

  6. shudder… ;)~

  7. I only wish I could join you…..

  8. I love these! Very definitely art. And very definitely arousing… 😉

    Can I ask a silly question? What does HNT stand for? I’ve seen it on a few erotic blogs when people post photos, but have yet to work it out.

    My next question would begin with “Can I…” and probably involve nipples, so maybe I’d better not ask that one 😉

  9. Somehow the very striking lighting and movement add a lot to the erotic atmosphere of these–not that your body isn’t sexy to start with! It’s hard to analyse, bit all adds up to an amazingly sexy effect.

    I discovered what HNT was about two minutes after posting my comment, when I read it on another blog! I’m glad people don’t take half naked too literally though 😉

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