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Soak your troubles away with this item of luxury. The Kama Sutra line always pleases me, and the Kama Sutra Spa Pleasures box set was no exception to this rule.

The set includes Treasures of the Sea Bath Salts, packaged in a 3.5 oz tin, also equipped with a shell for dispensing the salts. The Ocean Blue Bathing Gel comes in a 6 oz bottle. This product can be used as a soap or poured into the bath. The set is finished with a scented votive candle to ensure some peace and quiet. A lovely product overall, and definitely worth a look.

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e[lust] #5

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IMG_3649HNT Courtesy of Sexy Sadie

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♦ This Week’s Top Three Posts ♦

Late Arrival: An Airport Encounter I saw a possible haven ahead: a pilot disappearing into the pilots’ lounge. I could think of nowhere else that would offer us even a modicum of privacy. Time to brazen it out. With her still walking obediently alongside, I pushed my way into the lounge.

The Condom Question. Confession #397 – Luckily, this time I had my wits about me enough to reply with a categorical, Yes a condom is absolutely necessary, darlin, but history has proven that, while I’m naked and horny, I can offer no more justification as to why such protection is paramount.

No more… – “I’m so sorry, I can’t…”. Words, words, so many words… reasons and reasoning and things and stuff and none of it made sense, and through all of it, disbelief, dread, a sickness of heart… I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing.

e[lust] Editress

Sex as a Panacea As I begged “faster” “harder” “more!” I felt my orgasm come on, a mere minute or two after we began with this combination. A thunderous orgasm overtook me as he kept up with the dildo and I with the Climax for the first big wave.

♦ Featured Post (Lilly’s Pick)

Bad Girl – I take off my coat and stand proudly before her in my black lace corset, suspenders, stockings and heels. She looks me up and down and smiles at me when she catches my stare. Desire is already zinging through my body.

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Bad Girl

Posted in Erotica, e[lust] on January 5, 2010 by naughtysecretary

I look at her photo one more time before I snap my laptop shut. She’s naked, straddled and belly down amongst the crisp white sheets, her beautiful raspberry nipples jutting out from beneath the cotton, her elbows resting on the bed. I smile as I imagine each hardening peak in my mouth.

I walk across the room to retrieve my case, opening it to check that I have everything I need. I survey the assortment of paddles, two dildos, a strap-on, cuffs, and some nylon rope. Satisfied, I close my case and head for the door. Twenty minutes later, I’m knocking softly at the heavy wood of her hotel suite. A few seconds pass before she answers. I wonder if she’s as nervous as I am as the electrical current bounces around in my belly. When she opens the door, my breath is taken.

She’s standing next to the partially open door wearing naught but a bra and panties, her hair disheveled, a smile spread across her face. Her body is beautiful; curvaceous and soft, her skin glowing from the light of the suite. I step inside and put down my case, turning to admire her from behind as she locks the door. Her rear is flawless. I take off my leather gloves and extend my hand.

“Eve, nice to meet you, Mel.” My voice is smooth and calm. Any nervousness I had previously felt has instantly fled upon sight of this beautifully wanton creature.

“Eve, the pleasure is all mine,” she coos at me. I feel the adrenalin starting to course through my body at the thoughts of what I’m going to do to this woman. She had no idea what she’s in for. My mind races back to the contents of my case. What will I use first?

I take off my coat and stand proudly before her in my black lace corset, suspenders, stockings and heels. She looks me up and down and smiles at me when she catches my stare. Desire is already zinging through my body.

“Oh my, you look delicious…” She eyes my ample cleavage.

“And you, my darling, look good enough to eat. I think it’s time we begin. I don’t waste time. Now, you said in our correspondence that you’ve been bad. Is that correct?”

Her face immediately morphs from pure bliss to dead seriousness. Her voice is low when she answers.


“Well then, I want you to walk over to the bed and stand there with your back to me, hands by your side.” She hesitates at first, until she catches the look in my eye, and then quickly does as she’s told. I open my case and grab the cuffs and nylon rope and make my way to her. I place them on the bed in front of her and I immediately hear her breath quickening. That alone makes my own cunt quiver with anticipation. I bend down and slowly peel her damp underpants from her. It’s all I can do to part her flesh and plunge my tongue deep into her heat, but now is not the time for that. She’ll be far wetter by the time I slide my mouth over her. I unhook her bra, freeing her pert breasts, and stand there admiring her glorious frame.

I ask her to turn and face me, and she does so.

“Now I’m going to ask you this: have you been a bad girl, or a very bad girl?” I stand inches from her face and look her directly in the eye. She hesitates with an answer. I run my hands over her nipples and down to her thighs. I slip one in between her smooth legs, pushing two fingers into her bare wet cunt. She’s already drenched, and I’m pleasantly surprised since we’ve hardly begun. I withdraw my fingers from her and shove them in her mouth. She takes them eagerly, sucking her own arousal from each of my digits. My own cunt spasms at the sight of her greed.

“Bend over the bed.”

“What?” There’s a tinge of panic in her voice. This only fuels me on, and I can feel my nipples hardening against the inner material of my corset.

“I said, bend over the bed.” She complies gingerly. My hand comes down on her rear with a huge smack and pushes her forward, her squeal just as loud as the impact upon flesh. She lunges forward on the bed in an attempt to escape, and I smack her again, and again, and again, until her arse is beacon red, her moans muffled by the sheets. I slide three fingers into her cunt and she groans loudly.

“Oh my my!”


“You’re a wet little whore…”

Smack smack!

“A wet little whore who likes to be hit…”

Smack smack smack!

I stop and stand back, and with her arse beaming red and her pussy swollen and dripping, I decide to grab the cuffs from the bed. I place one hand behind her back and secure the cuff, repeating the same on the other wrist. I then tie both cuffs to the base of her back, a long piece of rope trailing between her legs. I bend each knee so her ankles are together, and bind them with the rope so she’s hogtied and face down on the bed. I slide a pillow under her belly to prop up her arse. She’s tethered and vulnerable and at my disposal. The thought is electrifying. My hand runs over her rear, the heat blooming over each globe. I reach underneath to her mound and clitoris, she wriggles and moans as I do this, pressing her wet flesh to my hand as I stand behind her. She rocks back and forth, and I can tell it’s not long before she’s going to climax as she meshes herself against me. I pick up pace, and slip two fingers into her waiting flesh, and she instantly starts to come, bucking against the sheets on the bed, screaming obscenities as the orgasm rips through her. I smirk to myself as I return to my case and retrieve the black strap-on I had brought with me. I step into the harness, securing it as I walk towards her once again. I untie her legs and she thanks me.

“Oh, I did that for my comfort, not yours” I respond. I roll her onto her back. “Plus, I want to look into your eyes when I fuck you.”

She looks confused until I slap at the phallus bobbing in between my legs. Her eyes widen as I approach her. I dip in between her legs, my tongue plunging into her wetness, lapping at her clitoris, sucking at her flesh. She tastes delectable, my tongue searching out every part of her womanly essence. I lift myself to her lips and kiss her, pushing the thick cock into her as my tongue slips into her mouth. She arches her back as I kiss her and fuck her at the same time. I take her with long deep strokes as my mouth travels her neck, her collarbone, each hard nipple.

“Oh fuck! Fuck me harder, please, harder!” she shrieks into my ear. I lift each of her ankles onto my shoulders and plow into her deeply, slamming my body against hers. Moments later, she is coming again, her body trembling with pleasure a second time underneath me. I slow my pace as she comes down from her orgasmic high. I withdraw from her, roll her on her side, and untie her. I excuse myself to the bathroom and freshen up while she is still heaving in the rumpled sheets.

I return to the room with Mel sitting on the bed, looking refreshed and at peace; the contentment in her face was clear.

“Uh, the money is on the bedside table…” she stutters, looking at me in a new and peculiar way, and I get the feeling there is more she wants to tell me. Suddenly she just blurts it out.

“How much would it cost for another hour of your time, and do you have any availability next week for a couple?”