Cabin Fever

I’m watching the white blustering gusts dust everything with powder, the icicles forming from the edge of my awning. We’ve been trapped inside for six days straight and I’m still mesmerized by the ferocity of Mother Nature outside my kitchen window.

You could say that I have a serious case of cabin fever, but not in the way you’re thinking…

My house has been full of people, hungry mouths to feed, a child to entertain, wet coats to hang up after each shoveling expedition. And in the corner of my mind you lurk, with your beautiful accent, your glistening chest hair before me, the sound of the wind howling outside. All I can see is us trapped in a cabin together, the snow falling down around us outside, sealing us in amongst the hearth of the room, me kneeling next to you on the plush of the rug. How I long to run my hands over the broad expanse of your chest, my mouth traveling every inch of your tanned skin, my hands stealthily unbuttoning your pants to set your bulging cock free…

Won’t you take me on the rug in front of the fireplace? Guide my head down onto your throbbing shaft, the saltiness of your glans traveling to the back of my throat, lips wrapped around the smoothness of your cock as you work my mouth, back and forth, back and forth. Let your hands wander through my soft hair as I suck your orgasm right to the surface, until I cease, so I can mount you in the half-light of the room, the shadow of the flames licking at my naked back. Feel my tightening cunt slip down your length as I take all of you within my own molten heat, my body pressed desperately to yours as we move together slowly in our own tomb of desire…

I can almost smell your aftershave, taste the brandy on your lips as I rock gently in your lap, my legs and arms wrapped around your tight frame, my hands wandering through your hair and over your back, my nails dragging over your skin as we lock together as one. With my moans and gasps close to your ear, witness my body giving way to my own climax, my wetness clenching down over your thick cock as I come with you deeply embedded within me. Oh how I long for you to climax with me, your seed spilling into me, through me, over me. Cling to my body in respite, our heat keeping us warm and slick with lust until you fill me with your thickness once again…

You could say that I have a serious case of cabin fever, but not in the way you’re thinking…

13 Responses to “Cabin Fever”

  1. Heh heh heh I get such feverish thoughts all the time! Now, the only thing missing from that delicious vignette is a salacious blonde between your legs feasting upon your combined lust…

    PS…Any tales of debauchery from New Orleans?

    PPS… Tangent: White blustering gusts dust my thrusting bust with lust 🙂 x

  2. A salacious blonde is always welcome between my legs…

    Whoops…did I say that out loud?

    Yes, curious Twirly, I have plenty of ammunition from New Orleans, but I’ve not yet decided whether to share my debauchery here or not…

    Who wants to hear about it, anyway? 😛

  3. Moi!
    (I’ve taken the liberty of pinching my own bottom on your behalf, consider these cheeks well & truly tweaked 😉 )

  4. sensuelle Says:

    Me too!! Hi, NS …… good to read another lustful – and lust provoking – post from you xx

  5. …BTW, what classifies as ‘slight’ debauchery???
    (Perhaps I ought to get myself a twitter account)

  6. Mmmm, such a deliciously sensual yet primal description of merging.

    I seem to have the very same fever…

  7. My gosh, I was just looking outside here thinking that I wished spring would come. But then I found this, and now I’m wishing for another cold night by the fireplace. No, excuse me: that would be a very HOT night by the fireplace (fanning myself as I write)…

  8. This brings back fond memories of watching fire flickering shadows upon the soft body of my lover from a winter past before I took her…

    Hate I didn’t find this earlier.

    Happy Wednesday.

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