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Posted in Erotica on April 24, 2010 by naughtysecretary

The electrical heartbeat of the alarm crashes through into my dreams, ripping me into reality. My eyes flutter open, the sunlight streaming into the room. I roll over and slap the alarm shut and slump back into the bed. The hush of the shower beckons through the wall and I surmise he’s already been up for some time, the aroma of coffee filling the room. After a few minutes I get up and wrap myself in a robe and make my way downstairs. The length of the couch is occupied by a snoozing friend, I sneak past him and into the kitchen to fetch a cup of coffee. He stirs along with the spoon.

“Good morning, B,” he smiles at me from under a pile of thick unruly hair.

“Good morning, you,’ I return. I automatically fix him a cup of coffee to his liking and deliver it to him.

“Namaste.” We sip at the hot liquid in unison, grinning at each other over ceramic rims. He’s my partner in crime, both of us still exhausted from the night of debauchery before. I excuse myself and make my way upstairs to check on my daughter. I cross the length of her room, her lithe frame cloaked in a blanket, her fists and face nestled amongst the sheets. I stop a few feet from her and watch her sleep, her body slowly rising and falling with each breath, silence coating the room. I retreat and return to my bedroom with coffee in hand. I lock the door behind me, and turn to him waiting, sporting a towel and nothing else.

“Ooooh, look what we have here,” I exclaim as I place my coffee down, making my way to him at the foot of the bed. I stand beside him and rub his cock through the towel, his hardness growing instantly under my touch. He looks almost maddened as he reaches out under my robe to rub my pussy. I’m already aching and wet and ready for him.

“And look what we have here,” he responds instantly, his fingers slipping into me slowly. I gasp and try to slap him away, but this only eggs him on. He grabs a fistful of my hair and shoves his fingers back inside me, small moans escaping my lips and filling the air with each thrust of his hand. He withdraws from me and smears my wetness all over my lips. I greedily take his fingers in my mouth.

“You’re a fucking whore, you know that?” he whispers in my ear, still holding a fistful of my hair. His towel drops to the floor as he presses his erection against my arse. He roughly lifts my robe and pulls my underwear to the floor.

“No, we can’t…Jason is downstairs, and what if Camille wakes up?” I protest, but it’s only a half-hearted attempt as I feel my nipples harden under the satin of my robe. He pushes himself against me from behind as I bend over the edge of the bed.

“Just be quiet and no one will hear us,” he growls, his thick cock nudging at me, sliding between my arse cheeks. In one fluid stroke he enters me, pushing the air from my body with force, my cunt immediately quivering tightly down around him. I cry out and he reaches forward, covering my mouth with his large hand. He grabs my waist with the other to bear down as he takes me, his pelvis grinding into me, thickness sliding in and out of me with ease as he pumps me full of his flesh.

“Oh God, fuck me like that,” I hiss as he pounds into me, picking up his pace, his damp skin slapping against me. He cups my breasts in each hand, and with every stroke pinches my nipples. He know how much breast play can send me over the edge, and I reach in between my legs and rub my clitoris. It’s only a few strokes before I feel myself edging closer to my own climax, and I push back on his cock, embedding him further.

“You’re going to make me come like that,” he states, and I can feel him starting to shudder within me. I reach underneath and cup his balls, feathering my fingertips over his taut skin. It’s only a handful of thrusts more before I hear movement down below us, and then footsteps on the stairs. I almost yelp in alarm from behind the closed door, but this doesn’t seem to deter him. The thrill of being caught is electrifying, and his thrusts plunge me quickly into my own orgasm. I start to buck and cry out and he withdraws, come spurting onto my arse and back as waves of pleasure rip through my body, his cock pulsing between each cheek, sticky and wet. When he finally recovers, his hands smooth his come into my skin.

I turn to look at him, hair disheveled, face flushed, fire in my eyes.

“Good morning, lover.